Pt supervisor back to hourly?

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    I have a question? where does it say in the Union contract or UPS management policy that a PT supervisor cant go back to hourly and become a Union Member again! I have been told all kinds of You cants but have never been shown proof to this, can someone show me where it says this on both sides, union and non-union?
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    As far as I know it's more a company policy thing not a union thing. I have seen some supervisors go back to hourly though. My first sup transferred to Chicago, and when he came back a few years later they didn't need him as a sup so they offered him a position as an hourly again. I dunno how the whole benefits pay thing works though.


    Company Policy I hear, but where is it written, you have to have things in print to make them legit, so where is it?
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    It written in the blood you signed your soul away with. Put your name on the driving list and hold your breath.
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    Once your soul is corrupted, we don't want you back.


    My soul has never been corrupted, that is why I want out to go back to hourly, if it was corrupted I would have been promoted a long time ago!
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    FT or PT hourly? I've only heard of PT sups going back to hourly as FT package car drivers. There is nothing set in stone about how it is done. Basically, you have to tell your manager and HR your intent and if there is an opening your manager has to recommend you to the district manager. Since you aren't union you are treated as an off the street hire so they have to follow the 6 to 1 rule; six union employees must try out before one non union person.
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    It's not going to happen. It did in the past but not anymore. If you quit and don't get put on a No Rehire Status you could possible apply for a PT job again. But I don't see that happening either. Basically you made your bed now you have to sleep in it or go make another bed some where else.
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    This is a question you should have asked before you got promoted.
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    That would have made sense. The problem is that everyone thinks that the grass is greener on the otherside.
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    Yep he did not think it through. A natural question to ask would have been "if I don't like it , can I go back". Though I always thought it was pretty much understood you can never go back once you take that step.
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    I was a PT sup. for seven years and had to transfer to go driving. I also have 4 yr degree without that I wouldn't have got the job. that was 3 yrs ago.
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    The KEY words are 3 yrs ago.
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    I know of a pre loader that asked of she could come back if she didn't like the management life. She was told to ask the union about the policy. I never did hear the results on it though. IMO there is too much fear (paranoia) on both sides for this to happen. Are they coming back just to be union busting? Will they go back and share secrets with the union?
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    Yes, I would have thought about the pay cut, the increased health insurance premiums, changing pension benefits, continual "yes-man" mentality, etc... before joining the ranks of supervision.
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    What secrets the formula for how many stops each driver should have each day. PLEASE that is not the case. We don't work for the CIA we deliver packages.
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    When the greener grass is often just the result of the septic system located underground.