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    First of all I'd like to say what a great site this is for information on the company, so thanks in advance! I'm an external applicant and already have a business degree so i don't really need the tuition reimbursement even though the health bennies sound good. Anyway, my ultimate goal is to get into sales with the company and I'm wondering if this is the right way to go (i.e. getting my foot in the door).....I'm scheduled for the MAPP test soon and really don't know too much about the day to day grind of a PT Pre Load Supervisor (other than what I've read here and heard from HR). Is this position the right route to go for what I'm looking for with UPS or should I just apply to sales jobs as they come along externally? I really don't want to be PT for very long as I'm already out of school!

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    You didn't indicate what kind of sales experience you currently have and also where you reside. If you were in college and wanting to do UPS sales when you graduate, then I'd say go for an inside job either hourly or PT supv to get UPS experience. Then when you graduate apply for a sales job. However, with you already being out of college and wanting to get into sales quickly. I'd suggest NOT going for the PT supv job. If indeed a job came up 2 months after starting as a PT supv, the manager wouldn't want to give up a person they just spent 2 months training. All that time would be lost to them and they would have gotten no payback on their investment. I would develop your profile if you haven't already. I would do research on who the sales director and sales manager were in your area to see if you can talk with them. I'd reach out to HR to let them know of the job you are looking for.
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    That's what I was concerned about.....I'll keep that in mind for sure. Also, I can't quite get a straight answer on this one......Are supes supposed to be touching packages or not? What do they do most of the shift once everything gets going?
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    Technically, no, sups are not supposed to touch packages. Does that happen? No. Especially in larger, busier hubs. Preload sups have it easier than any of the other sorts and the amount of package touching you do is more limited. Although, I do know preload sups who have to load package cars themselves every day. Usually once the sort gets started, if you dont have to dig in and start working, you walk around, make sure everyones doing their job, make sure they're working safe, things are getting loaded properly, so on and so forth.
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    Most of my sales experience has been in transportation or finance. You're right though....It sounds like it's better suited for someone currently in college than for me to wait around for a year or so hoping for a FT sales gig. That's definitely not what I want to do at this point! For some reason, HR says you can apply anytime with the caveat, "but we need to be able to evaluate you for a while". Who knows how long that means.....I"m guessing a year.
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    Part Time Preload sup= Worst job at UPS
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    *** UPS operates differently regionally but ... ***

    I really don't see an advantage in going into PT supervision. I've seen more PT hourly folks promoted into professional positions than PT supervisors -- the reason being is that few PT supervisors (that I've worked with) have ever completed a degree. And most of the people being hired today into professional positions are straight outta college / never worked the PT sort. Maybe you're applying in an area that's old school, but I really don't see the point in being a PT sup if you're qualified in sales. Me thinks some HR person is giving you the runaround.
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    I have the same answer to every question about becoming a supervisor.

    If you understand ahead of time that part-time supervisor is the last job you will ever have with UPS, then there is nothing wrong with the decision to become one.
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    Your statement is false. I was a part time sup in 1980 and in 1984 I went driving full time, then became a full time sup, then center manager and retired as a center manager with 32 years of service. UPS is still about helping employees succeed IF they want to succeed.
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    Congratulations on your successful career with UPS, but his statement isn't purely false. In my 13+ years with the company, I've worked with a couple hundred PT supervisors, and only two or three have ever went FT. Our twilight had a lead PT supervisor with 10 years in who possessed an M.B.A. and regularly had one of the most productive sorts (as well as several years seasonal driving experience) and yet was continually told 'we've already cleared you for a promotion - we're just awaiting a job opening.' Meanwhile, they added a handful of early 20-something college graduates as FT supervisors -- mostly with just a few days work experience in driving. Definitely seems like the preference is for young persons with minimal work experience that the company can "break in" and mold their way.

    BTW, the PT supervisor I referred to earlier accepted a FT job on the Preload at FedEx Ground, and is now a secondary manager at one of their largest hubs in the country. Couldn't happen to a better guy -- VERY tough but very fair. E.g. not one of those morons who "rewards" those who play flag football with management...
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    All I'm saying is don't make any life plans around going FT from pt sup. The vast majority, I'm talking 95%+, will never have a different job with UPS.
    Also, this isn't the 1980's and UPS is not the same company for management that it once was, ask a current PT Sup.
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    I know your heart is open but your eyes don't seem to be.

    Opportunities that existed in the 70's for me and early 80's for you and me simply are not there anymore.

    Hell, even UPS Corporate HR says that ... all the time. It's like their mantra. Om, om, om, om, om, ...
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    I thought Corporate was more nom nom nom
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    More like a commercial. just show us the numbers just show us the numbers.
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    As a part time sup and the only one with a degree on my sort and military leadership experience , operations may not be for you.

    The problem with part-time management are numerous. But, essentially there is no defined career plan or direction as a part-time supervisor.As the years go by you start to feel professionally stuck. Unlike, a union employee that have simple contractual obligations that guide thier ability to do certain jobs/compensation, pt sups dont have this luxury. A contract is an objective document, the promotion process for management is hugely subjective.Being a part time sup, is a huge gamble with your time. There are no formal guidelines or timelines for potential promotion. Promotion =Likeability+capability perception

    Your degree will mean nothing as a part time sup, until and only till AFTER upper management decides that you are promotable.Operations could careless about intellect, they care about operations. Despite what you hear, a FT sup position is a very lucrative position in UPS . Management does have a pension. It maybe an undesirable environment , but there is a reason why those slots take so long to become available.No other organization provides that amount of compensation for management without a college education

    If you could get a Overnight sup position, that would be ideal. That way you have daylight hours to pursue both outside and insider career goals.keep in mind that, the UPS sales battery test is more difficult than the pt and ft mapp test. I have taken it before, and even though HR never told me the score, im pretty sure i didnt do well because they never got back to me, and i didn't care to hear back.

    If you take the preload position, you have to be set your apart from all other supervisors and have the ability to get along with all union members.Learn how to drive stick, consider an A class CDL if you can afford it .Dress well and speak well. Manage any bad perceptions of yourself and most of all play the part. Some, FT sups are promoted on acting ability alone. Some on thier ability to take on difficult employees.Some on thier attractiveness or Race. Some because they talk about sports with the DM................... You never know the basis of a ups promotion, and that's the problem with the pt sup career choice!
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    Amen, last qpr I was told I needed improvement, funny part is over 6 months later and my center manager still hasnt figured out what I need to improve on except printing more reports for his meetings LMAO, guess I should work on ass kissing 101 because merit seems to play little in the process
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    It just the way the game is played.
    Occasionally your boss will care and have the time but it's not really likely.
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    Funny they can care when it comes to meaningless fluff like how much $$$ I'm giving to the united way but cant seem to answer a relevant career question. cant wait to see how this place is run in another 10 or so years when the over 20 yr folks are the rarest exception to the rule.
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    Be best buddies with the center manager, if he has a kid, be his best friend... Lol!!
    find out if the DM or regional has a daughter and date her.. Then and only then would pt supe be an excellent choice for you!