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    I have a question. Another pt/sup and I were talking and he is fairly new to preload but he told me that he was at the water fountain when the sort manager walked by and the sort manager told him that he can't get a drink unless everyone of his employees have something to drink. Anyone ever hear of this??? It does not compute with me, the safety tip everyday until the summer is over is to stay hydrated so how do we lead by example if we are told we can't drink unless everyone else has some thing to dring. Its not like he was standing in front of everyone drinking a soda while everyone else was working.:confused:1
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    the sort manager is a goof:wink:
  3. lost

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    Been around that building 10 years and have never heard that one before, it threw me for a loop that that would actually be told to anyone!!!
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    Thats the problem when we take the words of sort managers and try to over analyze them. The guy might have been saying to make sure his people also got plenty of water. Or he might have been saying don't be selfish make sure your people also get plenty of water. Who knows, who cares. It was not a parable from the mountain top.
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    True... I was just curious about it. I have never heard that before. As you can imagine after 10 yrs been through several managers but this guy takes the cake. He has absolutely no people skills. He can run the business but I think he he can do it and not be soooo, well what the word I am looking for???
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    We (me and 2 other prelaod sups) used to goto another building and have coffee about 20min. before break. Then head back over when we heard the break bell to start the pcm. One manager had a problem with that. But we just told him that was how we went from 62% effective to 94% effective.