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  1. Jack Holland

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    Hey guys.

    I'm pt and want to go ft pc driver. Bid sheets have started to go up and I've been signing them.

    I got a call back last week for a hub that I don't want to work (large downtown city hub). There are 3 (out of 4 total) hubs that I have signed and actually want to go to. One bid sheet came down a week and a half ago so I don't think I'll be getting that unfortunately since I haven't gotten a call (the downtown hub called 3biz days later and I hear they call right around a week later). The other one they are just starting to go through and I've been told I'm in the low 20's for seniority so I doubt I'll be getting that. The one I want the most came up today. I doubt if I really have a shot at getting that one either.

    I'm debating if I should take the downtown hub and see if I could transfer later or if that will make it harder to get into that hub. So, my question is this, would it be more difficult for me to compete with other pt'ers for a hub or with other ft drivers (generally speaking).

    Sorry for the terrible post (this is all from my phone and no proof reading).
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    Better to grab FT while u have the chance..Low FT seniority is better than high PT seniority

    You must do things differently than where I'm at though, bidding on FT bids at different hubs doesn't happen where I'm at. Gotta stay at hub we're at or if we
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    @Jack Holland , you need to find out from your union steward how bidding into FT is handled. For example, here, you can bid into FT package in 8 different buildings (6 hubs, 2 stand alone centers). But once you make seniority, you are locked into that center. No transferring, not even to a different center in the same hub; unless of course the company consolidates centers or moves work to a different building.
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    Apply for Saturday air in the meantime.