PT to fulltime driver pay progression

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  1. kidboy123

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    i have been at ups as a package handler. I was wondering when i switch to FT package car driver does my pay progression start right at 21 or do my raises i earned as partimer affect that and if the amount of time as a part timer affect where you are on the pay progression
  2. You start at $21
  3. kidboy123

    kidboy123 New Member

    some of the older drivers were telling me that when they went to fulltime they went to top rate because they were pt so long must been older contract
  4. If you are a 22.4 driver then the starting rate is $20.50
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  5. KoennenTiger

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    Where I'm at if your PT rate is somehow higher than the first year FT rate you'll retain the higher rate. But you are still on FT progression now.
  6. MECH-lift

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    when you become a driver you still will be PART TIME , unless you sign on to a full time bid ( not what HR said)
  7. Kanovic

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    Depends if you go straight to full time or if you get 30days as a cover driver then go fulltome.