PTTD Surgery and returning to work as a driver

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  1. I had an arch put back in my foot after my posterior tibial tendon failed. I've been a driver for 19 years and I've been off since Sept. 8,2014. I'm 7 weeks post op and still in a walking boot but support free. Has any driver had this type of surgery and when were you able to return to work?
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    I haven't had that type of surgery but I have had both knees replaced. I was off for three months for each knee. I can tell you that returning to work is tough. Hopefully your management team is understanding because it will take a while before your body will get used to the physical rigors of our job. It took over a month before I felt almost normal. Just take it easy and know your limits.
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    Ask your PT people if they have a work hardening program that you can do with your foot PT. I did it and it was the best thing I could have done to assure a problem free return to work.
  4. Thank both of you for responding. Appreciate any advise I can get
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    You may also be able to do a 22.3 relief job it's available, and they let you. Break you in easy so to speak.
  6. I've never heard of that. Can you give me more information?