PVD Saturday pay


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I was trying to make nice.

Seriously didn’t you think it was funny when I mentioned his supplement and BA??? I bet he had to google search those.
It’s hard to determine what’s serious here now. Guys complain about having to wear a uniform and wanna wear Juice World shirts and ripped jeans like it’s a right. I’ve been away for awhile, much like my center, this place has degraded into stupid ass questions from Uber drivers.


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Hey guys I worked just under 40 hrs monday through friday and then worked Saturday for 8 hrs as a pvd. I looked at my timecard and saw that I was still getting my normal pay rate for that Saturday. To my understanding after you work the 5th day the 6th is automatic time and a half pay. Just wondering if anyone knows how that works. Thanks!
Cry more.
You are benefiting from decades of hard union workers fighting to get everything and more only for you to show up, leave things at mailboxes and claim unemployment after a few weeks of this.


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PVD in our area are "scheduled" Tuesday-Saturday....Monday is straight OT....over 8 hrs/day people are getting 1.5 on Tues-Saturday....no special pay enhancements on Saturday from what i can see