Question 17 Focus Group Meetings on PSP


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FedEx Express has been holding meetings recently, focusing on Question 17 on the SFA,which deals with how well FedEx follows it's hallowed People-Service-Profit philosophy. The feedback scores dealing with employee satisfaction have been sliding steadily downward, so FedEx has been flying a variety of Express employees to regional feedback sessions held by HR. The results go straight to Matthew T*******.

One of the participants told me that the meeting he attended was pretty much a joke, and that after they gave their universally negative opinions about PSP, in walks the Regional VP. He proceeds to tell them how poorly the Express division is doing,how there may be layoffs, and how much they are "valued" as employees with all the sincerity of a used car salesman.

In his opinion, the attendee thought that it was just a PR exercise to show how much "management cares", and that absolutely nothing was going to change.


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That's no suprise. A friend of mine, who still works where I did, went to a meeting like that as well (last week).

He said the same thing. The employees complained plenty and it was obvious just how much it didn't matter to the meeting holders.

Expect things to get worse month after month for a looooooooong time. That's been the real Purple Promise :happy-very: