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    how much time before the start of a shift does the manager have to call and let you know if your working or not? I ask bc at my terminal theres no order when it comes to calling me in! i work a full time job as a beer delivery driver during the day and used to get calls at 7 am letting me know if im on or off, but now I get calls after 3 and today at 4;15 to start at 5! I would usually tell them to give me 3 hour notice but last week they called me after 3 and said that all they had to give was 2 hours. Any and all info is greatly appreciated!
    im a freight dockworker if that makes any difference!
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    My center called me (woke me up) at 7:15a last week and said my start time was 7:45a. Two hours would be luxurious!
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    Call your Union hall and ask them to mail you a contract. While on the phone, ask to speak to your BA. Tell him your story and see what they say. There is a timeframe just not sure what it is in freight, as I work in package.:happy2:
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    by contract, 2 hour notification. For example if they call at 6 am you would have until 8 am to report to work. If however you are a casual more notification may be required as they know that most casuals have other jobs and are required to work within their schedules or you have the right to refuse work.
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    Be careful with this advice--casual drivers are trying to get a FT job and refusing work may not be the best way to meet that goal.
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    it sound like you are a casul ... if you are take a look at article 18 section 1 it says THE SCHEDULE FOR CASUAL EMPLOYEES SHALL BE POSTED BY FRIDAY OF THE PROCEEDING WORKWEEK . ALSO GUARANTEED 4 HRS ON DAYS YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO WORK . ALSO THEY CAN ALTER YOUR START TIME IF NOTIFIED PRIOR TO REPORTING TO WORK AND LAST IT SAYS THEY CAN ONLY CANCEL IF YOUR ARE GIVEN A 24 HR PRIOR NOTICE ... if your are on call you need to file a grievance based on the language in this article.... hope this helps .