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    Hey guys I am glad I found this place. A co-worker told me to look it up and it looks like there is a lot of good advice from people who know how the grind is at UPS.
    Anyways, I have a question on how other centers handle drivers bumping in after peak when the layoffs happen. I started driving 4 years ago and have been with the company for 8. There are 2 other drivers below me so I am sure I will be laid off after peak for awhile and have to bump part timers to double shift. The more complicated part is that the contract states that once you have been bumping in for 30 days you can bump the least senior full-time employee. Well we have 5 22.3 employees, 3 of them have at least 5 years full-time seniority and 10+ company. The other 2 have 2 years full-time and 10 company. I asked management how that works and was told that to bump one of the 22.3 guys I would have to have more building seniority, which I do not, and that even though I have more full-time seniority it doesnt matter because its different classification so it goes by building.
    I wasnt sure about that so I called the local union and was told the same thing and even pointed to the page in the contract that states it. Page 176 in the central region sup says "When combination employees are temporarily moved off his/her job it shall be by total company seniority from those employees qualified and avalable, in the immediate work area."
    it also says
    "Total company seniority will be used when staffing reductions are necessary within a work area that consists of full-time and part-time employees"

    So what is your takes on this? Am I stuck split shifting if I want my 8 hours? When I asked the union more about it they said that language was the result of a arbitration battle that had been won by a 22.3 worker over a feeder driver who had bumped him with less company seniority. When our center bid the 22.3 jobs a couple years ago some of the lower seniority drivers signed them including myself but the two that won them were part-timers with more company seniority so it seems the precedence here is all leaning towards company seniority anyways.

    Thanks for any input you could give on the situation and I look forward to getting to know some of the regulars here.
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    As I understand it, because I have been checking too, it's all about center seniority. Basically the seniority line is like this:
    1. FT Drivers and Utility Drivers
    2. Air Drivers (22.3's)

    So FT will always have priority over 22.3 but if a 22.3 has more center seniority you can't bump into that position. In my situation I could bump 2 of the 3 22.3 positions that we have because I have more center seniority.
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    Sounds to me like your laid off. Sorry to hear about it, but the inside employees have more company seniority than you and in the union you live and die by seniority.
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    im not sure you are bumping a 22.3 anyway. my supplement says 2 part timers; not a combo; and it says you must have company seniority over any employee you bumb
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    That is the case here as well. As always, it varies by region, so different strokes.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Eastohiobrownguy! Your coworker is right, there is a ton of information here.

    Just remember that everything........

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    Yep. Supplement is the magic word here. Gotta make sure it is in yours like over9five said.