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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Rgt85, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Rgt85

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    I got my first check as a feeder driver. I came from part time in the hub. The amount I got paid was what I figured it to come out to, but it still has me marked as my 'current pay rate' the same as I was getting in the hub. Does it just stay listed as my hub pay rate until I obtain seniority in Feeders or is it some computer mistake that I need to get corrected? All the money adds up to what I expected to make, but I just want my feeder pay rate on the check, so I will know where I am. Anyone ever had this happen when they started?
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  3. Rgt85

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    I was told under progression we get 22.50 for my first 30 days so that really wouldn't explain it
  4. barnyard

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    What did your shop steward say??
  5. Old International

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    That happens all the time. My current pay rate is the base feeder pay. However, since I pull doubles, I get an extra .50 per hour, which is shown in my breakdown of hours payed.

    As long as your breakdown of hours shows the right pay rate, you are okay.
  6. Johney

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    A little off topic but, how come when you are on the feeder cover list and have to pick from their vacation schedule but you still are technically a p/c driver why do you get paid vaca at p/c rate? I know it's only a few cents but why?
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    I think you answered your own question.
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    Yea I know I was looking for compassion.
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    Where your paystub says current pay, that will be what your payrate is at your Hub position.
    If you look at your breakdown of hours worked and overtime hours it will show the payrate for the job you were working during those hours.
  10. Rgt85

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    It doesn't show the breakdown of the time just of the hours. See
  11. Rgt85

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    Sorry it was upside down
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    Well it keeps posting it upside down hope you can read it
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    Apparently my picture got deleted...oh well
  14. Scott Kufferath

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    It looks to me that they paid you only $16.69 an hour. Take your paystub to your supervisor and have them explain why you didn't get paid feeder rate.

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  15. Rgt85

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    The strange thing about it is that when I do the math despite the 16.69 pay rate, it seems they did pay me feeder pay, however my rate still says 16.69. I worked 45 hours and my gross pay was like 1,500ish, which seems right. I have no clue this stuff is really confusing and shouldn't be.
  16. Pickles

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    Mine always is my hub rate and they put an adjustment in for the difference between my 22.3 and my feeder rate.

    (Often wrong. Keep good track of your hours and what you make per day)
  17. Josh_

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    Rgt85 - how long have you been working as a "part time" in the hub...before getting into the Feeder position? Thanks
  18. ihatewinter

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    Did you get your 5 hours of overtime?