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    Hi I've been at UPS for over four years now and I want to make it a career. I'd like to work in the hub but who knows when that can get me in. My aunt has been there 15 years brownie/feeder and my uncle retired a brownie. It's going to be awhile before I can do this I know that too. But, what would they start you at if you go ft driving? Someone told me you don't get a raise for 4 years because of progression. Is that correct? 4 years without a raise is a long time. Any info please?
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    Wait, you've been with the company for 4 years but don't work in a hub? What do you do?
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    FT driver progression

    Start $18.75
    Seniority $18.75
    Twelve (12) months $19.50
    Twenty-four (24) months $21.00
    Thirty-six (36) months $25.00
    Forty-eight (48) months $Top.Rate
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    I meant work ft 125
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    You worked at UPS for 4 years and do not know how progression works??? or what the pay is???

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    HUH? What's your job?
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    If i was a brownie id eat myself.

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    I like Brownies:biggrin:
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    Here's some info: Never again call a ups employee a brownie.
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    Going through this right now and it's such bull:censored2:. There is literally no reason for a four year progression other than to save money. All I know is once I hit 4 years I'm milking those bastards for everything I can.