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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by voodoo, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Greetings guys and gals.......I recently applied for a full time drivers position in Harvey (La). I now have an interview set up and I'm trying to figure out if this position is for me.

    I'm a former Marine with 19 years of law enforcement experience. For the past three year I have worked overseas as a security contractor with Blackwater USA. If you follow the national news, Blackwater is on the front pages the last few days in Iraq.

    I love my job with BW, however I'm 43 with a wife and three kids. The family has made it clear they want me to stay home and not return overseas. I respect that and want to find something to keep me home as far as a job in concerned.

    I can always go back to being a law enforcement officer or even going back overseas. I'm leaning on trying to get the position with UPS.

    I'm very confused about how UPS works as far as hiring full time drivers. I read that I'd have to be part time and work into a full time position. The job I applied for says full time and that is what I would seek. I don't want to take a full time "temporary" position and get laid off.

    Can someone please explain what I'm facing? I plan on going to the interview, but I was hoping you guys and gals could shed some light.

    Thanks in advance...
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    when you went to apply if u did so online, it would have said "temporary" in the first line or two of the description of the job if you read it. If it did then you'll probably hang around till the end of the xmas season, if not, then probably hang around a little bit longer, as long as you want, assuming u make your probation period.
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    You can be hired for full-time be either method. Just make sure that you know going into the interview. If your application is stamped seasonal than you will be most likely be released at the end of seasonal period unless it works out to the 6 to 1 ratio. The 6 to 1 ratio means that 6 part-time employees move to full-time than the company can hire 1 from the street. Depending on your location it can take part-time employees anywhere from 1-2 years to 8-10 years to make it full-time. Also, if UPS cannot hire enough full-time employees from the part-time ranks they can hire more than 6 to 1 allows from the street.
  4. voodoo

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    I applied online. It did not say anything about temporary. Do you guys have any suggested questions for the interviewer??
  5. brown98

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    Sounds seaosnal to me...Especially this time of year when UPS is trying to get things going early for peak season.Make sure that you ask questions about this...But because this sounds seasonal doesn't always mean that you are going to be let go at the end....Working hard and showing that you're commited doesn't go un-noticed.

    Good luck.....I was just watching a special about BLACKWATER....INTERESTING!!!:thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
  6. LKLND3380

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    First: Thank you for your service to your country. :tank:

    Do you have a CDL? That could be a plus but no guarantee...

    Seasonal (hired between Oct 1 and Dec 31) is just what it implies - TEMP WORK... UPS is allowed (by the Teamsters) to hire only a few people off the street for full time (driver) positions.

    You may be asked to stay on board after Dec 31 but then January 1, 2008 will be your official hire date and you will still need to complete your 30 days. Your benefits will not kick in until April or May (90 work days from hire date).

    Based on your experience as a Marine and Law Enforcement I expect you may be in great physical shape BUT there is NOTHING to prepare you for UPS preload... It is 03 grunt work... UPS is UNION and 99% of the jobs are offered based on seniority... As I mentioned UPS is allowed to hire only a select few off the street for full time Driver positions.

    Another option is UPS Management - Part Time Supervisor or Loss Prevention
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    Don't forget that he will actually see skin on women and that he doesn't have to travel in caravans except when he leaves in the morning.
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    Isn't # 3 supposed to be IED? LOL

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Why would you want to work for UPS with all that Law enforcement experience? You would have a better chance at that than a P/T employee.

    A wife with 3 kids and 43 yrs old?? Get something permanent, don't waste your time working as a seasonal. Seems like Police Departments are always looking for experienced people.
  10. satellitedriver

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    If you were with BW, you would know how to get the info you seek.
    I think your post is bogus,
    but I have been wrong before.
  11. voodoo

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    1) I am with BW .
    2) I thought I came to the right place to get info.
    3) Consider yourself wrong........again. This post is NOT bogus.

    Please help in understanding your post. How does BW give me information on working for UPS???........:confused:1
  12. voodoo

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    Thanks for the reply Blackbox. Today I met with my Chief of the police department I left. I am welcomed back and would have a good position. That is not an issue.

    Actually, I'm burnt on police work)guns and stuff like that.

    I guess I'll go to my interview with UPS tomorrow, but I'm leaning in staying in my original career field (law enforcement)

    I'm going to my interview with UPS tomorrow and I'll guess I have a decision to make.

    Again......thank you and all that responded.
  13. waldo911

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    Thanks Voodoo for your service to our country.
    Good luck on your interview. UPS can use as many mature adults as you can see from one of the responses you got.

    UPS is very hard work but employees are well compensated for their
    efforts. Good luck again.
  14. Covemastah

    Covemastah we keep you alive to serve this ship

    at your interview let them know that you would be interested in the loss prevention dept. lp the ups waffen ss men we have a dept that investigates theft your back ground would be an assat to ups and you dont want to start slinging bundles at 43 let us know how you do