Question about potentially touring the CACH facility...

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    I'm a Chicago-based photographer who, on my many trips to Elgin, drives past this awesome looking place and would really love to know who I'd need to email/talk to possibly set up some sort of photo tour.

    I'd imagine with it being the biggest sorting facility of its type in the world, there'd likely be some security concerns, but as an (mostly) architectural photographer, photographing big inside space like hangars and factories is something that greatly appeals to me.

    I'm asking here because they don't seem to make public any sort of email addresses of global, national, or even regional "higher-ups."
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    Not going to happen, they don't even like when employees bring in their phone into the building because they fear they might take pictures and put it on YouTube. So you won't even stand a chance.
  3. gokimi

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    I kind of figured as much. I googled CACH before and found nothing but a link to a tour someone was setting up for supply chain management people and even that had a "no photography" rule. There's also next to no information about that place anywhere online, though I did find one page that got a few shots of some shipping containers and a guy operating the crane for some train magazine. I don't work for a magazine, though.
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    You can make your request here: