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    Hey everyone, had a question-

    So being in school as well as working i've generally been the guy to voluntarily go home if they needed to send someone home. I've been a loader almost 3 years now, and recently completed the application for becoming a PT sup (apparently now its a waiting game). Lately though, my PT Sup has been asking me if I want the night off before I even come in, which I don't mind the option and it saves me the drive if I would prefer the night off. Anyway, I got a text from him today telling me to take the night off. I replied that i'd like to get my hours in. He replied ok, start time is 5:40, be on time. Then about 25 mins later I get a text saying (quote) "Hey ur bottom seniority and everybody coming in so (full time sup) told me to tell you to stay home". Last night he offered me the night off through a text before start, I voluntarily agreed, and then he texted me around 7:15 asking if I could come in. Being in a potential Supervisor spot, I figured i'd go in to try and get some extra points, so I texted my Sup that i'd be in in around x amount of time, I rushed home (I was out fishing), got my work clothes on, and when I had just finished tying my boots I got a text that said "oh, nvm then."

    This has put me in a weird spot. I'm not really sure how much influence my PT/FT Sups have over the application for me to become a PT Sup, and I figure going in and demanding my guarantee and getting a union steward wouldn't put me on good terms with them. My PT Sup can act like a child at times, he'll turn on you faster than you can blink, and its pretty common for him to make rash decisions on the spot, for instance a little while ago we had a Pickoff call in because he had tickets to a game, and my furious PT Sup then went around asking people if they wanted to be the new Pickoff permanently, I said yes and after verifying numerous times that he was serious about it, and it was a "for sure" deal (our management can be a bunch of windbags) and he said "alright, we'll get you up there monday." Monday came, and the guy who called in was up on the pickoff, I asked him about it and he said something along the lines of "I had a problem and I fixed it." I said "I thought I was gonna be up there", and he replied "Well, I thought I was going to need you, but now I don't."

    TL;DR- So basically I don't want my PT/FT Sup or any other management going into my supervisor app and putting down something negative because I demanded my guarantee (which I definitely wouldn't put past my management if they had the chance). My question is, would they be able to do such a thing?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    1. Why are you texting back and forth with your Sup?
    2. If you were offered and accepted the job, you need to work it and get your guarantee.

    I understand and realize your position and everything but at UPS, if you give them even a little wiggle room, they will run wild and at some point they will take advantage of it. You put yourself in an awkward position by voluntarily going home. It's not your problem if they are overstaffed. Now you can either allow them to dangle the PT Sup carrot and toy you around or you can put your foot down and let whatever happens, happen. If they don't want you then they won't let you in. In the position that you've put yourself in, you have to either keep eating crow or stand up for yourself. The choice is of luck.


    You may want to rethink becoming a PT Sup., If you think you have it bad now, just wait till you become PT Sup. Fair Warning! you better be willing to sacrifice.
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    If you're willing to compromise your standards as to what the right thing to do is now, you'll be fine in management. These are tests to see if you're willing to do whatever it takes up to and including wiping your ass with the contract.
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    They may send him home, permanently. ;)
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    I'm pretty sure that's part of the test to becoming a business agent.
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    I'm pretty sure you are right.