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    Been working non-stop since training and usually at the end of my shift during pre-load I am notified as to when I need to be back at work the following morning. Yesterday my supervisor said we will call you for a start time Monday as we don't have one yet for you guys. Is it because peak is next week and they will call me back or are they giving me the run around? Worried because I've been busting my butt off and really want to get in.
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    Your fired.
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    Sup probably does not know yet what to expect next week. Unless you are a total screw up, you will be working.
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    They will call or text. Make sure you have more than 1 persons phone number so you can text them and ask if you don't get a call.
    Make sure 2 or more sups have your number.
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    I'll definitely give them a couple calls before Monday if I don't hear anything back before then. I'll also give multiple supervisors my number, thanks for the help everyone.
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    Stuff hits the fan next week, so just about every seasonal should be working. HR does hire a few extras to try to fill in with the one that quit after a day or two. Our Preload is starting at 2AM instead of 4AM next week. Monday volume after Black Friday is usually a little bit light, but we will be buried under boxes after that.
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    Show up an hour early - I'll bet that they work you. When they don't want to be spedific - you will learn that to "Trust No One" - enjoy your extra income.