Question about starting early(preload)


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Hi, our supervisor told us all the preloader to come in earlier than usually because of the amount of volume coming in. I know all the other state probably have to start early too. I was wondering do we get paid to come in early as told? I'm asking this is because my punch in-time is not right on the time machine thingy that all the employee use to punch in. My punch-in time is set 3:25am I notice this since last week. Everytime I clock out it will show I clock in at 3:25am- when I know I clock in earlier than that(which my supervisor told us to show up at this time).. Our local sort is starting around 2:30am on monday and I was wondering do I get paid for coming early as told? I'm a new hire just been at ups for 3 week and not sure how this work they already messed up my hours when I first started before. I posted about it on my other topic but I got it fix. One more thing what do they mean by the word (primary) on top of the Preload word. Because they post this up on friday to let everyone know that they need to come in at this time.



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Hi there! We always start earlier and earlier as Christmas gets closer, just more volume. You'll get paid for it.

You can change your start time on the clock. Enter your code and it will show your start time. Use the arrow forward key to advance and change the numbers on the time, just like a computer. Also tell a full time supervisor (not a pt) that you had to change your start time on the clock and make sure it will be changed in their records. If you can't change the time yourself, tell them that also.

There should be a manual time clock in the building. The old punch type machine. If you don't see it, ask where it is. Take a piece of paper and punch yourself in before usiing the electronic clock. At the end of your shift, punch out on the electronic one first, then on the punch clock. Keep that piece of paper as proof of your hours. It will have the date and time on it. Many of us do that every single day to make sure our pay is correct. Someone else in this forum may have other suggestions.

UPS is the land of screwed up paychecks. Sometimes it's a pain in the rear to get it straightened out. Even though you're not in the union ask a steward about the situation. He/she should be glad to help you. If, for some reason you don't get help there, find a seniority employee who is friendly and ask them about it.

Hope you can get the help you need and your paychecks are correct. Take good care, happy peak and come back here if you have more questions.