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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ls6-m22, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I went to a contract discussion today and my union rep told me that the annual deductibles that I never had under the ups plan would only have to be met for major medical. I think that's wrong . He said if I go for an annual check up all I would pay out of pocket is $10 copay. I asked about lab work and he said no deductible unless its major medical. Is this true?
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    If this garbage passes, you will have a $50 deductible if your single; $100 for family on January 1st. Every January 1st it will increase until its $200 if your single; $400 for family. Your business agent doesn't know his ass from his head.
    On top of that you will be paying more for prescription medication, 10% of the cost to a maximum of $50. So in other words the meds you currently pay $5 for will cost $50 if this garbage TA passes. You dental will no longer be unlimited either. With the union having control of this healthcare, they don't have to guarantee us anything and can change it when it ever they want.

    Just look at what they've done to the Central States Pension Fund, can you really trust them running our healthcare? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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    Ok thanks for your response. I kind of figured my BA was full of it
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    I have been in the CS plan for 26 years and they suck.. Down south we already have to pay the 200 deductible for a single person then 20 bucks to see the doc, the 20 % of the total bill before CS gets their discounts.. They are horrible and do their best to deny claims, so people who do not question why, get screwed.. I have been fighting them for over a year on necessary medical treatment and I now have my union helping me with the fight because they too do not understand why they were denied, and I filed the two appeals ! How our Union thinks this crappy company who clearly can not invest very well should continue to handle our insurance and now drag all the other UPSers into this is enough of a reason to vote no.. As stated above in reference to our pension fund that is not in good shape and the union thinks they will do a good job with insurance ? Get ready guys, if this contract passes, you will see what we have had to deal with for as long as I have been employed at UPS.. Somebody's pocket must be getting padded !! Central States is full of crooks and liars !
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    Every time I go to the doctor I have to pay 20 bucks and then 20 % of the total bill no matter what. If I go to the hospital, I have to pay 200 bucks and yeah, all these copays are after I have paid my 200 dollar deductible each year. All Xrays, lab work, check up's etc.. Your BA does not know what he is talking about, or he is trying to sell you some nice beach front property in Siberia !
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    vote no>>>>>>>>>>>>>vote no.!!!!!
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    Well one thing for sure! If all of the teamster membership eventually becomes enrolled in a union health care plans that suck, maybe just maybe, more members will participate in their local elections and the election for General President! Just a thought!
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    No.we will still be stuck somehow with Hoffa!!!!!!!!!!The fix is in!!
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    Yeah but all us guys that are voting no are the stupid ones. Yeah were the stupid ones and nobody can tell anyone exactly what the health insurance is going to be. But according to some of these selfish idiots on here that only care about themselves and nobody else us no voters are the dumb ones. One of the worst things you can be in life is selfish. Me personally i dont get it and dont have it in me to be that selfish. Lifes about helping people not hurting people. Those losers that are the selfish ones i dont have any respect for. People that think that way is just sad really. Some people will never get it. Its funny as you get older and you see things in a different light and seeing how stupid and selfish society really is. Its pretty funny but at same time sad. Im sure the big man upstairs thats in charge of this whole thing we live in is dissapointed and knowing that we failed his vision and instead of helping each other were killing each other. Just food for thought. SPEAKING OF FOOD IM HUNGRY AS A mother LOL.
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    Don't be selfish now...go buy a burger for someone less fortunate.
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    This is the exact thing that I have been telling people. Not to mention if you have a physical and they run lab work you better use the in network companies or you will be seriously screwed.

    The increased costs will eat away any raise that we may get.... unless of course they decide to reallocate the GWI.... Just makes your head spin.
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    Oh yeah the other thing. Right now we have no way of knowing if our current doctors are In-Network BECAUSE the C6 Enhanced plan DOESN'T even exist yet.
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    One of the reasons I voted no on this contract.
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    I feel the same way. The printed black and white written copy of the contractual changes didn't impress me much. I can live with it, don't like a few items, but I can live with it. BUT, I'd be more acceptable to the health care changing, even if benefits are cut and my deductables have to rise if the TEAMSTERS/Central States didn't have their hands in the pot. If UPS would have said "we are paying premiums to Blue Cross/Blue Shield to operate your health care plan", I would have voted YES. But we've all experienced how well the Teamsters/ Central States has done with our pension fund, God help us if they get their greedy mits on health care premiums. We are going to take it in the shorts.