Question about the semi freight truck job!

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  1. kmac126

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    I have a question about the semi freight truck driving position,
    i recently just started at UPS, 19 years old.

    Now i would figure that this position comes with seniority right? and once you have seniority, and you get offered package delivery driver, do you HAVE to be a package delivery driver first? or if there is a semi freight driver opening can you be put at the position instead?
    and i would guess that you would have to be atleast 21 years old.

    just any information about that position would be helpful!
    thanks guys
  2. Brownslave688

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    If you stay at ups you might get a chance at feeders by your 40's prob more like 50's though
  3. dilligaf

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    Feeders are premium jobs, they don't come open often and when they do there are a lot of people waiting in line to get in. Stick around, you have a LONG wait.
  4. raceanoncr

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    What'r you talking about, UPS Freight or UPS Parcel? Two diff things (although will be one in the future. Just watch)

    Freight's standards are a little lower. Not as much seniority to get in although ususally you hafta work the dock or city for some time. Will always be freight, no package (at this time) to handle. Might be able to get in off the street, although turnover is pretty tight there too. And, I believe, you must have CDL before you get there. I don't think UPS Freight is gonna babysit you thru a learning CDL session.

    Parcel? Yes, MOST of the time, drivers are taken from inside the building. MOST of the time, they are F/T package drivers that have been there many, many yrs. Sometimes, P/Ters are taken, but that is rare. No CDL required, IN MOST CASES, because UPS will train you in THE UPS WAY (HA).

    Yes, as per DOT regs, you must be 21.
  5. dilligaf

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    If UPS Freight has the same standards as most of the industry, you'll have to have 2 years CDL experience.
  6. kmac126

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    Okay thats what i figured. Thanks guys!