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    I can't really get an answer out of UPS Support about this so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a package being shipped from Amazon, It was shipped UPS SurePost Today and was scheduled to arrive Saturday, I decided to upgrade it to be delivered tomorrow. Now my order is scheduled for Monday. UPS Said that Amazon shipped it after the cutoff time so it can't be delivered until Monday. They said the cutoff is 230 PM , I dont think I've ever seen a package I ordered ship before 230PM by UPS and they normally get here fine the next day when their within a 1 Day distance. The person on the phone said that the chance of it getting here tomorrow of not likely at all, and then he said he can't help me and hung up. I believe that both UPS and Amazon know what their talking about Im on the line with Amazon right now and their telling me it will definitely arrive tomorrow while UPS told me it wouldn't. It's a relatively important package that's why i'm concerned and I even selected 2 Day shipping, so I don't know why UPS Surepost was used. Based on experience how likely do you think it is my package could arrive tomorrow, it arrived at the origin facility in Indianapolis IN at 9:28PM Today and Is heading to New Philadelphia Ohio , which is nomrally a one day distance by ground.
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    You are talking to someone at ups that's in a cubicle probably half way around the world from you. Don't put a lot of faith in what he told you. Their are cutoff times when it comes to pickups but I can't imagine amazons being that early.
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    Maybe its the company that is shipping the package has a 2:30 cutoff time on orders to give them time to be processed to be shipped that day. It would be a shipper issue and not UPS. And since the Amazon brand is used by many vendors it depends who the item was bought by. And there is a definite time for UPS pickups. If customer is on the west coast and package is shipped from east there is that 3 hour time difference to possibly consider.
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    It's likely the real issue is the weather and backlog of volume from Ohio/Indiana being shut down completely the beginning of the week. Nothing moved for 2-3 days and it's going to take time to catch up in Ohio and most areas in the Midwest.
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    If its a surepost package being delivered on Saturday that would mean USPS makes final delivery and out of UPS control at that time. And surepost can sit at post office for days without being delivered.
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    My guess is that the request to upgrade was not put in time and the package had already been scanned for the last time before delivery. I know at my hub, all local delivery change request have to be in before the sort starts that will unload the trailer that has your package, because the local scanners do not have wireless capabilities. It then won't be caught until the driver tries to deliver package at local PO, which makes the day it gets delivered later.

    Any of the above responses could be the reason since we don't have access to your tracking number, we really can't give you a definite answer.
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    Your best options are to actually talk to UPS and there are several ways to do this:


    This page is not UPS so you will get a range of opinions on a range of topics but no one will be able to take action on your package to help you.
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    Good idea and done.
    I cannot copy a post anymore but I did give worldwide credit.