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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jware, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. jware

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    Ive been employeed at ups for about 11 years, 4.5 as a part-timer, 6.5 as a 22.3, and have just recently started driving. I understand that Im not going to be able to take vacation for a year from the date I started driving (10-16-06). My question is do I haft to wait until the end of the year to be compensated for my vacation or can I ask to be paid for the 4 weeks that I have on the books. I cant find the answer anywhere in the master contract or our local supplement.
  2. cachsux

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    You might want to talk to a steward as I don`t know anyone who wasn`t allowed to use there vacation weeks. You may not get the time of year you want,by seniority, but you should be able to take them sometime as you "earned" them by working the required hours the previous year.
  3. Cezanne

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    In my area you would have all your vacation time coming for the first year considering you have been full time for over six years. Driving and combo inside are full time positions by contract lanuage. I believe that you should also skip progression with your full time status.
  4. jware

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    you would think i wouldnt haft to go thru progression again but under the best contract ever i have a new 6 month progression before i get driving scale
  5. mittam

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    You will get your vacation at least here in Ohio you would it may be after all other drivers have picked the weeks they want but you still will get vacation time they cannot deny that.
  6. Delivered

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    UPS will only "buy out" your remaining vacation in the current year. Since you went driving in OCtober your probably had 0 weeks left. You will be elegible to take all of your vaction Starting Jan1
  7. jware

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    I had no vacation left in october 2006, but january 1st I got 4 more weeks. Management is telling me, and apparently the union agrees that I haft to wait a full year from the time I started driving before Im allowed to take any vacation. It would seem to me that since this is vacation Ive already earned that I could ask them for a buy out now rather than waiting till the end of the year and letting the company hold on to my money
  8. jware

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    I got 4 more weeks January 1st. Im being told that i cant take any of this until a year after I started driving 10-16-06. It would seem to me that I should be able to ask for a buy out of these 4 weeks now rather than let the company hold on to this money until the end of the year.
  9. cachsux

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    When I went package I did have to work up to full driver scale,I was about $4 behind, but I did get to take my vacation. Actually because I picked them by seniority in PT I was able to take the weeks that I chose that first year. The next year I had to pick by pkg seniority. I would talk to someone higher up in the union.
  10. govols019

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    Yeah, that's crap. You've earned those vacations.
  11. mattwtrs

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    The way I understand it is you never regress on vacations. Your 1st company seniority date is what determines how many weeks you get! You do have to select in full time seniority order however. I know a driver that has 4 weeks vacation because he was a part time sup but became a driver and he selects his vacation among the drivers that only get 2 weeks. Sounds fair to me!
  12. Channahon

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    You always keep your company seniority for the number of vacation weeks. When you move to a different operation (FT driving) then you go to the bottom of the list for picks.
  13. HazMatMan

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    Yes, I believe you should be able to keep your vacation time for THAT YEAR. Once you are full time you do not need to go through progression again. What I can't understand is when you go part-time to full-time why you lose your vacation time the first year? Call your local to find out. If your combo pay rate is lower than driver rate (i'm sure it is) then you should hit top rate as a driver right away, because you went through progression already when you went part-time to full-time combo.