Question...bumped back to unloading please help

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    I was in the sort aisle in my hub all peak season passed my test and all etc. today with all the seasonal unloaders gone I was sent back to the unload. How long will it be until I can sort again? Springtime? I really hated unloading I learned our sort so I could be done with it. Of course I still get the extra $ but still bummed out because the work sucks.

  2. eats packages

    eats packages Why won't the door close?

    Unload slower lol
    I find it a breeze when you put the extendo right on your butt, put a load stand directly next to the extendo. Then dump the mound directly onto the belt.

    See your contract about "preferred jobs" you should be able to change back to sort pretty soon.
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    Have you communicated a preference to your supervisor?
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    Work as directed. If you have more seniority than someone else in the sort isle then bring it up to your manager that you would like to make it your preferred job.
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    Generally sort aisles are not considered preferred jobs. You got sent to unload cause you’re either a good unloader or a :censored2:ty sorter. Go slower and tell them you felt More motivated in the aisle. Otherwise you’ll be told to work as directed.
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    I am very good at unloading but I liked sorting a hell of a lot more haha. Thanks y’all
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    It was hard to be good at sorting during peak they’d shut belts off every ten minutes and we’d be stacking the crap in the aisle
  9. Poop Head

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    I think the least senior guy in the aisle has 20 years here
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    Every building is different as far as this goes