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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by mossified, Mar 24, 2007.

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    I have just finished my 30th working day as a driver, and now i can safely say I am a full time driver. The question is I seem to have found a loop hole far as pay. I currently make 18.79 an hour, the reason for this is because i was a utility driver for last peak, So when it came time to step up and start my 30 day trial I noticed that i am still at utility wage. So basically i am making 4 dollars and hour more then i should be raking in. Anyways my true question is about the the pay bumps. Will i still see a bump after 30 days then a year, and so on? Or do i have to stay at the wage scale of 18.79 untill my 2 1/2 year final bump??
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    You wont get a pay raise until your second year senority date. You will then go up to 18.90, i was in the same position as u.
  3. Harry Manback

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    Yea, they can't "cut" your pay for taking a promotion. You'll have to wait until progression catches up with you, which will take a 24 months. You'll get a whopping 11 cents! :/
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    I am not sure about that comment of cutting your pay. I was hired as a helper for Christmas, worked about a month or so in preload after the holidays and started driving. When I started driving shuttles while I was still in the preload, I was getting paid 21 an hour. That lasted for about 3 weeks until they corrected it. My feeling is what happens years from now and the off chance that someone says, "why was he making that rate when he should not have been and they want the difference back." That would suck big time.
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    No idea what the rules are for your current situation, but I would suggest you ask someone (oncar,center manager) if your pay is correct. The company will catch it if they're paying you wrong and you will be forced to pay the difference back. It happened to me during my 30 day trial, they were paying me the 1st year seniority rate of $15.80 or whatever it is. Not my fault, but they started taking back the difference for those 30 paid days shortly after I was hired. It didn't come out to much more than a few hundred dollars, but I would hate to see what it would of been if I was overpaid for more than the 30 days.
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    90 days. That is all the company and you can ask for on corrections to payroll. You should tell the company once.
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    I've been a part-time cover driver for over two years so I've already put in my 30 days and therefore won't have to suffer the reduction in pay when I go full-time. So I guess I'd be stuck at the cover rate (85%=$23.11/hr) until the progression catches up or will I continue at that rate until 30 months at which time I'd be making the top rate?
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    Correct but you still get the raise in August.