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    This is for hourlies or members of management who frequent the board. Are there any neighborhoods in any center which are off limits to drivers due to safety concerns? There are several neighborhoods which I WISH were forbidden, but are not. If there are areas in your city which are off limits, how are packages for that area dealt with? Thanks in advance...
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    Not that I have ever heard of. I used to deliver in the worst sections of our city. I personally never had a problem.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Look at it this way. Laid off drivers will do anything to get back on the road full-time. If it was me, give me the worst neighborhood if that means a full paycheck every week.
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    When I first trained as a seasonal, I was told emphatically to stay out of certain areas after dark.
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    All I know is that sometimes certain accounts will be told to pick up all their packages at either the building or at the Customer Counter.
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    Yes, there are. I believe UPS sends out post cards that say in essence, if you want your crap, come get it.
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    This Most Dangerous Neighborhoods list was in the news today.

    Anyone deliver to any?

    Here is the list:
    1. Cincinnati, Ohio (Central Pky./Liberty St.)
    2. Chicago (State St./Garfield Blvd.)
    3. Miami, Fla. (7th Ave./North River Dr.)
    4. Jacksonville, Fla. (Beaver St./Broad St.)
    5. Baltimore (North Ave./Belair Rd.)
    6. Kansas City, Mo. (Bales Ave./30th St.)
    7. Memphis, Tenn. (Warford St./Mount Olive Rd.)
    8. Kansas City, Mo. (Forest Ave./41st St.)
    9. Dallas, Texas (Route 352/Scyene Rd.)
    10. Richmond, Va. (Church Hill)
    11. Memphis, Tenn. (Bellevue Blvd./Lamar Ave.)
    12. Dallas, Texas (2nd Ave./Hatcher St.)
    13. Springfield, Ill. (Cook St./11th St.)
    14. St. Louis (14th St./Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.)
    15. Little Rock, Ark. (Roosevelt Rd./Bond St.)
    16. Philadelphia (Broad St./Dauphin St.)
    17. Tampa, Fla. (Amelia Ave./Tampa St.)
    18. New York City (St. Nicholas Ave./125th St.)
    19. Chicago (66th St./Yale Ave.)
    20. Baltimore (Orleans St./Front St.)
    21. Cleveland (Cedar Ave./55th St.)
    22. Orlando, Fla. (East-West Expy/Orange Blossom Trl.)
    23. Detroit (Mount Elliott St./Palmer Ave.)
    24. Chicago (Wallace St./58th St.)
    25. Chicago (Winchester, Ave./60th St.)
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    Glenlake Pkwy NE
    Atlanta, GA
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    WooHoo! Chi-town has five! You pansy cities can bite it!

    Seriously though. We go through #2 on our way to the Conrail 63rd yard. Real fun place. Kind of like Iraq only without the nice scenery and friendly faces.
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    There were places in NJ that don't get deliveries mostly in the Newark area . i don't know if its still going on.
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    Richmond, Va. (Church Hill)//

    the hill isnt that bad of a place. norfolk has much worse
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    In the Orange center (Gould Ave Newark NJ) we had a few buildings that we would not deliver to... just sent postcards to customers to p/u pkgs at the hub... never whole neighborhoods...
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    I wouldn't bother someone that looked like Hitler, either.:wink2:
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    Im amazed My friendly little burg didnt make the list. Thats funny when its considered the 9th most dangerous town based on population.
    No nothing of a nature I cant handle, anymore.................they just usually shoot each other. Which is fine with me.
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    I am shocked that Washington DC S.E. is not on that list. As I understand it, drivers are told not to deliver inside certain apartments buildings unless escorted by the guard and never deliver after dark.

    I have a female friend who used to deliver in this area, as a cover driver. She was running late one evening and couldn't find the guard and wanted desperately to get out of the area before dark, so she decided to attempt the delivery by herself. Once she was inside the inter corridor about 9 guys surrounded her. She said that she was so scared that she almost messed herself. Lucky for her, the guard came around the corner calling out the names of a couple of these thugs and told them to move away from the girl. The guard scolded my friend harshly for making such a bad choice and told her next time she might not be so lucky. Needless to say, she never tried that again! If the guard wasn't there to escort her, she brought the package back to the building.

    I never understood why they would send a female into an area like that.
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    What? No city in Cali. made the list. There are some streets in the LA area that will make your, you know what pucker up.

    Big Babooba, have you played your polka music at any of these hoods?

    I've been on routes where, if I knew that area was very ghetto. The del. were going to be made before the kids got off school.
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    Some of those apt buildings are as big as whole
  19. UPSGUY72

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    As I unerstand it UPS delivers to almost every place. The bad places they require a signature.
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    I never understood why they would send a female into an area like that.//

    she makes the same amount of money as i do? but you feel she should get preferential treatment?

    women are different than men; and should be treated with respect but deference in regard to these differences.

    feminist believe women are equal; and should be delivering to projects in s.e dc by themselves...