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  1. MakeItFit

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    I'm a part-time loader that has worked at UPS for several years and have never had any issues. Last week, however, I was moved to a trailer that's more than double my normal volume, and within two days I had a manager all over me telling me I was an "issue" and that I wasn't making my rate.

    I was looking over the contract to learn more about our load rate and I couldn't find a reference to it anywhere. Am I missing something or is rate not even in the contract? Thanks in advance for the help. The manager implied my job is on the line and I want to know how to protect myself.
  2. splozi

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    To my understanding, pph (packages per hour) was made-up by UPS as a tool of intimidation. It is imaginary.

    I'm sure others will provide further information.
  3. MakeItFit

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    I really appreciate the information. This whole ordeal was frustrating. I've never had issues -- I have great attendance, never had misload issues (went 8 months without one) and even have won their monthly "Golden Loader" award a few times. In my old trailer I'd load about 800-1,000 packages per night, and then they moved me into this new trailer where I'm loading 800 packages in the first 45 minutes of my shift. I was floored when they told me I was an "issue" after all those years of being "recognized" as a good worker. It seemed I was fine for years and then in a span of a few days I was public enemy #1 on their list.

    They're telling me now they might come around with stop watches while I work, and I wanted to know more about this whole load rate thing they're threatening me with.
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    There is no 'rate' that you are required to meet.

    They will however heckle you, threaten to fire, move you to different load areas you may not like. But you can not be let go because of production rates. Just dont be caught napping, talking on the phone, eating, or anything else that would give them a reason to get rid of you.

    If you do get a warning letter which is unlikely and you are in fact in the union just grieve it.

    My general rule is the more they dog you, the more bathroom breaks, and water breaks I take. Not to mention following the methods that are in the ups policy book very religiously. Load stands, over 70's, bending at the knees, lift in a SLOW and steady motion... anything that will slow you down even more. Whatever you do dont work so fast as to hurt yourself, you will just be setting the bar that much higher and be given more work.
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    You can't eat? I see people eating all the time. I always thought it was allowed. Hell, "we've" gotten donuts before at the start of the shift. Maybe it's different because I load delivery trucks, not trailers.

    This part is important.
  6. MakeItFit

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    This is really great to hear. Thank you for the information!

    I was just really caught off guard when my manager came in and called me lazy because I wasn't "making rate". I'd never had any issue at any point in the past, and when I mentioned that I was struggling because I was loading 800 packages in a span of 45 minutes instead of an entire shift, I was told that was "just an excuse". I then told him that if I was "holding the entire shift down", as he said, I'd be more than happy to go to a different trailer where I wasn't causing any problems. He refused, said he'd put me wherever he wanted to, and then said he'd be back with a stop watch in the future. He definitely implied my job was on the line.

    It's good to know I can't be fired for it.
  7. splozi

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    I believe that technically you can be fired for anything, just like the police can arrest you for anything. However, it doesn't mean that it will hold up.

    If they do try to play games and fire you for non-existent requirements, be sure to see your steward about it and grieve it. If you accept it and stop showing up, I imagine it would stick.
  8. MakeItFit

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    Good to know. I'm definitely not looking for trouble but I want to be able to defend myself properly if they do try to take my job.
  9. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Also if they start haggling you about your production and threading to fire you request that steward be present.
  10. MakeItFit

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    I've thought about that. One odd thing is that our shift doesn't have a union steward, but then again we work a funky time (our start time is 1:30 AM).
  11. curiousbrain

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    It is my understanding (via reading the National Master, although supplements/riders supersede it when superior guarantees are made) that designated alternates for the steward are allowed; maybe ask around, see if there is one. If not, then request your steward be present anyway - there is language in the contract to the point that if the steward is unavailable, then the employer must wait until they are before continuing discipline, or what not.

    Also, if someone is not an official steward/alternate, do not let them say they can represent you - as that is grounds for discipline (up to and including termination), as well.

    All that being said, my question is why you got moved at all - or, more to the point, what happened to the individual who used to load this trailer?
  12. MakeItFit

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    More information that I didn't know, and thank you for it. The trailer I loaded before was probably the third worst in the building, and I was moved into arguably the worst trailer in the building. While I was never told why I was moved into the worst trailer, I have a pretty good idea why. The loader who was working in that trailer was stuck there for seven months and told management he thought he had earned a break (and he definitely did deserve a break), so they moved him and plugged me in.
  13. Indecisi0n

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    Like everyone else has said find a steward fast. Also document EVERYTHING. How many packages you do (all numbers - I was never a loader so I am not sure what they hound you on. I'm sure it's PPH. Write it down.) Write down the days you are harrassed and what was said. Also note other loaders that witness this and get this contact information.
  14. MakeItFit

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    Thank you for the advice. I haven't documented anything but there were two other loaders that witnessed the event, so that's a positive. Documenting my rate will be difficult because I don't even know what my rate is supposed to be -- the conversation I had with my manager was the first time they've mentioned it to me. I suppose my documentation will have to be that I must have been making my rate every day the past few years if this is the first time they've spoken to me about it, and jumping on me for not making rate once or twice over the course of years seems like an overreaction.
  15. Notcool

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    They do this to me all the time. Some nights I load like a mad man out doing everyone then others I am tired and load average and it pisses off management. One truck is really hard to keep off the pick offs. It can be done but not worth it. They talk their BS and I start working "more safely". Its a game every night some guys have light packages all night vita cost and thats it and then boast about their load rate and refuse to try my truck out lol
  16. MakeItFit

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    Thank you for this info. It's definitely nice to get another loader's perspective. And that's the situation I'm currently in. My previous trailer was no picnic but the trailer they moved me to has more than double the volume of my previous trailer (it's arguably the worst trailer in our building), and they're getting on me for getting backed up.

    I hate head games but at least I'm getting information on how to handle it, which is much appreciated.
  17. Indecisi0n

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    I been with this company a short period of time but I learn fast. You are their best friend when you are making THEIR numbers look good but the second hey will stab you in the back and harasses you until you get back to the numbers that make them look good. So I do the job they way the way it is suppose to. They can can complain about "my overallow" all they want. In the end i don't get fired for number i get fired for being stupid.
  18. OptimusPrime

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    Look around at your hub. You see all the poops, the shlubs, the degenerates, the worthless. Find it odd they are still employed? Don't want to bring out the Union haters, but unless you steal or fight, you aren't going to get fired.