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    does anybody know how UPS is calculating your retirement date to get a year on your pension is it figured on your seniority date or do you have to get 1801 hours in the year for another year thanks
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    Union or Non-Union?
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    I will use my pension plan as an example. We have to have 30 years of service and be at least 55 to receive a Normal Pension. We only have to work 1000 hours in a calendar year to receive a full year of pension credit. I would like to see this raised to 1800 in an effort to reduce the number of dead days taken in my center. I was hired in May 1989 and gained seniority in April 1990. May 1989 is the date used to establish my years of service which means I will eligible to retire in May 2019. I plan to work until I get my 30 years and take all of my vacations/personal and sick days as a lump sum payment rather than establish my 30 years and then work backward to establish my last work day. This may change with my increasing frustration with the direction the company is taking.
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    My last day at UPS will be November 28, 2012. I have 32yrs under my belt, and had to work 1400hrs this year to get my 32nd year of pension credit. The pension office called me 3 weeks ago to inform me that I had already reached my 1400hrs and that they could process me to be out on November 1, 2012. I had already told my customers that I would be working through the end of November, so I stuck with my November 28th date. Hope this helps. Happy Peak everyone!! Stealth8
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    I'm in central states plan and turned in my retirement request in August to retire the first week in Jan 2013 with 32 yrs in didn't here anything from anybody and called the other day to check on it and they have no record of it (I sent it threw HR) so luckily I still have time to submit it this time I'll send a request online and a copy threw registered mail and one threw Fed Ex one of them should make it hell half the time they look for ways to fire ya now they won't let me leave
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    This is exactly why I worked an extra 27 days until I had it in writing that I was qualified for everything I was counting on. I swear when I retired it was the first retirement UPS and the Teamsters Union had ever dealt with. No one could give me a straight answer on anything. For some it seems to be a piece of cake but for me it was a battle all the way. Good luck------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and get everything in writing.
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    I was told to start the process 90 working days before your planned retirement date as it takes quite awhile for them to get all your info and crunch the numbers. I have done all this through the teamsters and none through HR.
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    This is good advice. I guess the only difference would be whether you are covered by a Teamster or UPS pension plan. There should be a way to check your status and initiate the process online.
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    Nothing has changed--I swear I am the second retirement that UPS/Teamsters has ever dealt with. You talk to five different people, and get five different answers. The only thing that everyone agrees on, is that I need to make sure I take my last DOK test...
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    I started the retirement process 6 months before I retired. I don't know how far your pension fund
    building is from you but mine is about a 1 hour ride. I made it a point to make an appointment and go through
    the entire paperwork in person with the office personnel. And then I went back one day on my own and
    double checked that everything was still correct. My health care is with UPS. I did the same thing with them.
    Made an appointment with HR and double checked everything. Set up everything with direct deposit for my pension check
    and direct debit for my health care. I mean I was a royal pain in the ass with both. But guess what? Never had a problem from day 1.
    Retired the 30th of the month and got my first pension check the next day. Never missed a beat with my health care.
    My best advice I can give you is be a pain in their ass. It works.
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    I had started mine,like you more than 90 day before my day of retirement and it was a waste of paper as THEY had no knowledge when contacted the first of Dec.2010. (ret date 3/1/2011). A person MUST keep up on all communications (copy them) and get Names of those you talk to and times as well. Print off all e-mails so they can be used to verify who told you what. I really feel that the people for the most part didn't mean to be off on their answers,they just didn't know what they were doing as I answered a lot of questions for them my self.Sad to say the least as I was just a pkg car driver who went to a 223 job for the last five years with no collage degree.
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    Personally I'd at least wait till the contract talks were over before setting a date to leave. In the Central States there are many proposals which could make it beneficial to stick it out for a few months more. Getting an increase in benefits are long overdue for those of us in the central states plan, other proposals including a reduced insurance cost and Medicare benefit paid by the company are on the table.
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    I retired in 2011,took my seven weeks vacation the worked about a week and a half the retired effective March 1st.toslow,You earned those weeks of vacation,use them before retiring as I KNOW of some who retired and never got ALL their vacation pay.H R here,out of west central Ohio (Indianapolis) needless to say was not helpful as I ended up going through Atlanta to get mine done and had to stay on it as well. Keep all transcripts you have and let them know who/when you talk to as they ahve a lot of people to deal with. Good luck and yest retirement can be great ! :)
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    that was a very good idea. i'll do the same.
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    Hours are computed toward your retirement each calendar year. I started in Sept. and was not given any credit for my first calendar year (Sept.-Dec.) because I was a few hours short of the threshold of accumulating enough hours for a half-year credit. (This was an unpleasant "surprise" because the personnel dept. mistakenly told me the hours were computed seniority date to seniority date!) This is why it is important to get a "pension profile" a year or so before you plan on retiring, and why it is important NOT to rely on what you are told by the local personnel office.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Don't you get an annual statement from your pension office of hours credited for the previous calendar year?
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    We do not, although we aren't credited by yearly hours.
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    I use ... New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund ... to see my entire hours listed since 1976.

    [SIZE=BASEFONT]You have the capability of calculating your monthly pension benefit amount. Click on the Benefit Calculation button below to see what your monthly pension benefit will be based on your current credit. [/SIZE]
    You will be shown just how much your pension would be worth now and how much at age 64.
    • Single Life Annuity This pension is payable for your lifetime. All payments cease upon your death.​
    • Husband and Wife Annuity This pension is payable for your lifetime. Upon your death, a pension is payable to your Qualified Surviving Spouse for her/his lifetime in one of the three forms shown above. If your Qualified Spouse dies before you, the monthly amount of your pension shall not be increased.
    • Husband and Wife Pop-Up Annuity This pension is payable for your lifetime. Upon your death, a pension is payable to your Qualified Surviving Spouse for her/his lifetime in one of the three forms shown above. If your Qualified Spouse dies before you, the monthly amount of your pension shall be increased to the Single Life Annuity value shown above.
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    That is very bad advice.

    There are not any defined pension benefit plans that have increased their benefit in recent memory.