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    A friend of mine's son is starting out as a loader next week and has some apprehension. He was told he would have to load 400 pieces per hour-is that right? How long do they give new guys to get up to speed? Also, how much training do they usually get? What happens if they can't keep up?

    Sorry-it's just that I've worked for UPS many years, but have no idea how operations works and keep getting asked these questions.

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    There are no numbers the company can hold a union hourly to. "Work to the best of your ability" only applies.

    400/hr is NOT true, either. At least in the buildings i have worked - it is 300/hr in the primary direct load and 350/hr in the small sort load. The unload is 1000 PPH, 1200 PPH including bag smalls. All 3 buildings in East New England and NNE have the same pph standards. Again, there are no numbers in the contract for a reason -because everyone is different.
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    From someone who has been down on the front lines, let me say that 400 pcs. an hour sounds pretty close to right on. As far as training goes, he'll spend about a week in a program called Cornerstone, which takes place in the building, in a conference room (my building had an actual classroom) and thats where they get the methods taught to them.

    Getting up to speed can take about 2 weeks, and during those 2 weeks, a trainer will be with them, reminding them of what was learned, and just helping him adjust to being out on the belt.

    If, for whatever reason, he can't keep up, they won't discipline him. The belt supervisor will just push harder until he does keep up. You really have to mess up bad to get canned.
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    One question here

    Do UPS Loaders do 2 things Load packages and scan the labels at the same time ?
    or is it a differant worker that does it /
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    Thats two questions.
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    Nobody has ever been fired from UPS for not working fast enough. Performance has nothing to do with it - it is a union shop. Kind of like communism.
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    Coincidentally, I heard another manager saying the same thing the other day. Most corporations are like that. Times they are a changing.
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    But if they aren't happy with you, they will create a reason to fire you.
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    If you don't work fast enough you get hassled just tune them out all of their numbers are unrealistic and just make your sup look better and get a bonus.
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    Thanks everyone! I really need to learn more about other areas of the company I work for...
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    400 an hour for some one starting out! HAHA Whats the point! I laugh at my supervisors when they give me crap saying I have to load 300pph a night. When I started out I busted my butt and tried to reach their insane numbers. Now I am alot smarter. You soon realize that going fast as you can doesn't get you higher pay but less hours and a smaller check!!
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    400 an hour really isn't that hard to do if your in a heavy enough truck and aren't out doing missorts/irregs & all that good stuff.

    Missorts should be more of what they look at as long as the pph is like over 300 an hour.
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    Almost everything i was taught in the classroom went right out the window when i actually started loading. The sups dont care at all about all the safety methods just that you load very fast with no misloads.
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    i thought u was a UPSF dockworker
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    right right wait till you get written up and fired
    thats what happened to me
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    So yeah, i work up at CACH and they say the minimum is 400pph which my sup clocked me one time. I did that without even thinking. I don't have the arm canons though to scan with (thank you automation!).

    I will admit when i first started at ups, i was woefully out of shape, for 1 year i didnt have a job and the year prior to my hire i worked in computer support. this butt got as fat as it could. Sure when i first started it hurt, but it was the good kind of hurt. the kind that let you know you really put in some effort.
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    Do 400ish and never go above 500. Unless you like getting taken advantage of. Trust me it's not worth it.