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If you got thin skin don't work here

You can't discriminate against thin skin people like that bro.

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Since my warehouse(like most if not all), have 2 sides of unload, my supervisor threatens anyone that doesn't bow down to her, will be moved to the other side of unload. Out of curiosity, can this happen permanently without acceptance of the person being moved?

She also threatens to move people to other departments (outbounds) permanently. Again can this happen without agreement?

She has already told everyone on my side that senority does not matter to her and grievances do not affect her. I talked to my shop steward but he seemed to know nothing and provide little insight.

Final question, does senority matter only by year to year basis or does it matter month to month day to day? For ex, the five people on my side all started a month apart from one another.

Thank you gents
Question? Do you work at the Phoenix hub?