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    I would introduce myself but don't like giving any information out over the internet for obvious reasons.. I'll just say I work at a center with around 30 drivers and that's including part timers and cover drivers. Our sort runs about 4,000 pieces a night.. I'm a PTPCS and I actually like my job, I've been here for less than a year and haven't gone through peak yet so that may change lol. We only have 4 full time managers and that includes the center manager. that will kind of give you some perspective of my situation and where I'm coming from.

    but, I've worked over my 27.5 multiple nights and never gotten paid for it as I did not put the time on my timecard.. first and foremost I take pride in what I do and truly want to do a good job and if it takes me running over 30 minutes to an hour here and there without compensation that's ok with me, it's not the end of the world. The on road sups which are essentially my direct mgmt. are telling me not to ever go over 27.5 and I've actually streamlined everything to where I can leave working only 4 hours every night. My question is when peak rolls around should I expect to work over with no compensation or should I be putting in my extra time no matter what? I've basically been told that I'm salaried and no matter what I work I get 27.5?

    My other question is, I am due for a raise. I was wondering what the avg. 3 month and 6 month raises were for my position?

    and last, what is a QPR report? I was told I didn't need to fill one out because I haven't been here long enough but isn't that raise related?

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    Nut up and get paid (non management)
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    No to the raise. We have to build the stock price.

    Thank you, now, back to work.
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    My other question is, I am due for a raise. I was wondering what the avg. 3 month and 6 month raises were for

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    1. Always file PTRS properly. Make sure you are entering the report to work time, start time, breaks, and end times and categories 100% accurately and you've entered an appropriate comment. If you're on time, you're late. If you're early, you're on time. Never not get paid for the work you do. If they ask you to leave at 5.5 hours and there's work left to do, send a quick email to the manager to that effect. They will either let you finish the work or finish the time. Never allow anyone to not pay you properly. Get compensated for what you work. We have a 1-800 number for that nonsense.
    2. As long as you file the appropriate timecard, you'll be paid, whether it is 27.5 hours or more. At the moment, one of the flavors of the month is PTRS overtime. Whereby management is asked to account for excess PTRS hours over plan and it's not a fun call to be on. Expect push back for a month or two on this until volume picks up and then your hours may go up possibly as well. It's not unheard of for PT management to work 80 hours during peak.
    3. There is no 3 month raise, you get a 6 mo. and an annual in April for your QPR based on your compa ratio. Once you hit 6 mos, your manager will receive a notification and the process is a formality. Just keep checking UPSers to ensure that you actually get it, it takes a few weeks to kick in.
    4. Quarterly Performance Review or QPR. This is done twice a year, at mid-year (so NOW) and at the end of the year. Since you're just now hitting 6 mos (or will soon) you're not eligible.
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    Contact your Union Steward. Maybe he can help you get back pay for hours worked and not paid. Also, check your contract for when the raises are and how much. I believe they were the 1st of August. Oh, my mistake. Your management! No representation or raises. Guess your just out of luck. Should have stayed hourly.
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    Do not ever lie on a tine card whether it be yours or an employees. If you go over 27.5 you should be compensated at your hourly rate. If you get bears your 27.5 you will either start taking lunches or come in late, or if you're really lucky you can go home early.

    A guy in the building I worked at stood up to our center manager one night and defended his employees. Two weeks later he was fired for falsifying records on his own time card, he put in he left at 0500 and actually left at 0650.
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    Don't ever work for free. Don't do it to yourself and don't let your people do it.

    My FT and center manager pressure me to be off the clock in under 5.5 and I do my best. But if I'm over it, so be it. I don't do this because I enjoy cardboard, I do it to live. You have to buck up and explain the situation to them.

    When it comes to peak pretty much everything you know right now goes out the window. I did a few 12 hour days as a PT sup. Average was around 8 hours a day. You really not going to code 6.5 hours of work when you get that 12 hour day?
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    So how have you been getting paid the last couple weeks?
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    I got reclassified as a seasonal driver
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    ok, thank you for that info. I thought I might be getting screwed out of a QPR raise but thought there was a chance I just might not be eligible yet.

    Wow, that's insane.. I've got a system now that I've worked out where I can leave about 30 minutes to an hour early every day. If they decide to say something about me leaving early I'm going to let them know that I stayed over for multiple days without compensation and their excuse to me was that I'm salary.. so if I'm salaried like they say then I should be able to leave early if all of my work is completed or if I just want to grab a bite and come back :)

    I don't know what I'd do at this point. I like what I do enough to where I don't want to step on anyone's toes because as soon as I do I'll be moved to the sort and that won't be good..