Questions of Peak Season and my current pay.

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    I honestly dont notice a "peak season" as my Sups told me to prepare for. I have only stayed OT for 1hr 30min and was offered to work on Sunday (8 hours), though thats all that happened. I was expecting to be a lot worse. Just yesterday they send to guys home really early, because there was not much happening. Is this really peak season? Or does it become more harder when it comes to close Christmas time?

    Now about my pay. I'm pretty sure I have been working there for 3 months (I even got a 401k paper through mail congratulationg me on my 3 months and telling me Im eligble or something of the like). Since I started out at $8.50, I would be at $9.00 right now because of the .50 raise. But my last 3 paychecks have said $9.50. Is it a mistake on their part? I'm going to talk to my Sups about it, but if it is a mistake, will they take away the extra money that I've gained on those last 3 paychecks?
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    you are hired on the new contract. 8.50 to start. start plus (90) calendar days 9.50. 10.00 after 1 year.10.50 after 2 years. 11.00 after 3 years, and 11.87 after 4 years. that's how your pay will go for this contract.
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    Ah, I see. So its not a mistake? I feel so relieved now, thanks a lot!
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    ogrelord is correct. It is not a mistake. $9.50 is correct.

    As far as volume goes, this is my 15th peak season on the docks & it is definitely light. I can not complain because I am getting just as much over time this year as last year, if not more!