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    Included in a case against UPS and a judge approved the settlement, what is the length of time for receiving the settlement check? Since being told that the check would be issued June of last year, 2009, as of today no check has been issued.

    Each day there is a different excuse from the supervisor or plant manager about where the check is supposed to be and why it has not been issued. Some of the excuses, or beginning to believe they are lies,
    • the check was sent in the mail and it got re-routed to another location;
    • payroll placed a stop payment on the check and another check will be printed in a day, but instead a week goes by and still no check has been printed either because someone in payroll had to stop and do weekly checks or the person that was to do the check was not there;
    • supervisor claimed to have called the judge who approved the settlement to get the check from payroll but then no one could find the judge or his secretary;
    • or that the judges secretary had to get approval of how the check should be sent;
    • supervisor claimed the check was sent by regular mail from someone in payroll and gave a tracking number, found out the tracking number was fake because the letter never went out;
    • another excuse/lie from the supervisor was that a plant manager from another location was to intervene to go to where payroll was and get the new check and be back in a day, supposedly stayed 2 weeks waiting for payroll to print the check but never returned with a check;
    • a union rep was to go and retrieve the check, but never surfaced;
    • then some passes were to be sent in the mail in order to get on the ups distribution lot of where the check was to self pickup, the passes never came;
    • a driver had the check on his truck and was to deliver the next day but his truck went into a ditch due to weather conditions, then a delay, the driver was then re-routed back to where he came from, then on the highway the truck broke down and was told the truck was still on the highway waiting for another truck, and then the truck was taken to a repair shop to wait for a part, driver given another truck, then back to the driver waiting on the truck to be repaired
    This is very frustrating! Is there someone at headquarters that one may talk to, because all these people involved, (the supervisor, the plant manager, payroll and the union rep) are not telling the truth and withholding info. and not one of them have issued this settlement check.

    Really need some help in getting this check! Need to know a contact person to speak to live.

    Why would these people who work in management have reason to make excuses or lie? If an employee has an ID, why would one need a pass to get on another locations lot? How long does it take for a truck to be repaired?
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    Why don't you call the lawyer that handled the case .
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    Did call the lawyers. They too are getting the run around.
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    Your going to have better luck with the lawyer than UPS. Don't you remember someone had to get the lawyer in order for this case to get settled. So keep calling the lawyer.
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    They are selling you a load of crap.

    A settlement check from a lawsuit is rarely issued by payroll. These are either processed by the FSC (Financial Service Center) in Roswell, GA or paid by a third party company. Have the lawyer contact UPS' corporate Legal department and they should be able to figure it out. 404-828-6000 is the main number for the corporate office.
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    Far as I know no one here has those checks.
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    Are you in Atlanta at the headquarters?
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    Judging by the wording in your posts, you have never worked for UPS or do you understand how it operates. If you won a court case against UPS, then it would be best to contact the lawyers handling this case. It doesn't take seven months to write a check and mail it to you. This isn't an official UPS site, nobody here can help you with your problem. Out of curiosity, would you tell us what this case was about?
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    if it was a workers comp case, which is what it sounds like, liberty mutual will be the ones cutting the check. the check will be made out the the lawyer, who deposits it into a special escrow account. after two weeks, when he is sure the money has been paid on the check, he will issue you a check for teh amount, less his cut.

    so maybe the lawyer has the check, and forgot?

    spend a few bucks, visit with the lawyer, and see what happens. usually liberty cuts the check within two weeks, and the lawyer has it the third.

    so something is not right. might be you want to visit the judge.

    if the lawyer has had your funds, he could be disbarred, so not something most would try, but have seen it done.

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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Remember, Erin Brockovich is a real attorney.
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    Gee zdnewyork, Do you know somebody on here who calls himself dwlr94? He seems to have the same problem with a missing check because a UPS truck has broken down somewhere. Maybe you two could hook up and combine forces to look for the missing checks.