Quick question about driving seniority

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    I was driving all last peak they even took me off of preload. However when peak ended I haven't touched the road but once. So did I not gain my 30 days during that time. And also if I haven't been out but once will I have to do the whole driving process over like going back to driving school. I know one full route. And they also put out a person that has less seniority then people that has been there longer.
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    No you were a seasonal driver.
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    What brown said ^

    Nice username though.
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    There can be all sorts of reasons why that happens. Tickets, accidents, disqualification wait period, etc. And people often won't volunteer that information. But the company knows.
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    I gained seniority but started driving last sept. I think the cut off is to start training route before 10/14. Anything after doesn't count towards your 30 days. I havent been out since January and people with less seniority have been driving. However they know im unavailable due to my f/t job.