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    Hi guys, longtime lurker introducing myself here. I only have a year of seniority, as a PT worker. I was recently made an "Irregulars Train" (bulk cart) driver in our hub, but have not been officially certified yet. My question is; is this a "skilled" position (meaning; do I get the extra dollar an hour)? I have to sort (I load the carts myself), and memorize the sort. Thanks for your time!
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    Yes it is indeed a "skilled" position. You are considered an Irreg "sorter".

    Welcome to the best inside job at UPS! Sure, there's lots of heavy stuff you need to handle, but little actual lifting. Plus, compared to many jobs, it's slower paced.

    Do you guys have any of the yellow Cushman irreg trams? Those are the best to drive. Of course, the orange taylor-dunn trams are pretty good as well.
  3. We've got those, those things can fly if theres no train attached to them...not that I'd know or anything :lol:
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    Yeah, we have the old orange ones... not too fast even if they aren't hauling anything. I could definitely run faster than they go.
    And, I was unloading before this, so this seems like a vacation.
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    I've worked in two hubs. The first had the yellow irreg/bulk trams. The second has the orange things. The orange ones seem like POS! I see mechanic's fussing over them a lot. -Rocky
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    I'd say that job is the second best job next to working up in smalls. But, I may be wrong because everytime I saw the irreg guys in their "trains" they were usually idle. For a while I thought the sole purpose of those things was to help make it easier for those guys to "make their rounds" so that they could socialize with all of their friends throughout the hub.
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    We still have the orange ones and have had them for at least the last ten years, I would like to see the yellow ones you are talking about.
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    If you take a Sort Test, then you should get the pay increase. That was a mistake I made a long time ago. I was originally hired as a Loader on the Midnight Sort in a Hub. But soon, I was put down with the Full Timers working Irregulars. I learned what went in more than two hundred doors around that building. But I never bothered to take the Sort Test, so I didn't get Sorters pay. It was a good job though. Back then we had to push Irregs around on carts and floats, I was glad when we first got the Taylor-Dunn electric trains, probably about 1980.
  9. blue efficacy

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    Irreg tram.
    We got five of em in 97. Three of them are in the shop right now... so lately I've had to take orange ones. We have 11 orange Taylor Dunn ones, some ancient, a few only a few years old.
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    We have the old orange ones for HVs. The yellow ones look cool