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    We all have that lady or ladies that loves QVC, but what would UPS do without QVC or HSN. I could not imagine how many routes would be cut then. But I guess my question is, what does FED EX have that drives their business. I know the post office also delivers some QVC, but I have not seen FED EX deliver any.
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    QVC is good for about 10-15 stops a day for me. I don't understand the complaining about “QVC Queens” etc. I get paid good money to walk those small 1 lb packages up to the door. Sure, I get my share of 70+ lb QVC boxes, I make even more money on those since they take longer to deliver. Yes, I also have folks that are good for 15-20 packages a week, big deal, I get paid to deliver them.

    I’ll take all the QVC they can throw at me. I’d much rather handle QVC packages than any 3 attempt COD money order business stop.

    For your original question, I don't know.
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    Fed Ex has no business
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    nope L.L. Bean goes UPS
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    Express seems to have an awful lot of the banking market. Tons of NDA, with multiple pieces going to one stop. That's some profitable business. They also have a good hold on eyeglass/optical business. We are getting some of it, but there is a ton of it that they seem to have a lock on. Again, really profitable stuff, probably more profitable than QVC/LL Bean.


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You hear that SALESGUY! Get off your duff and start looking into how we can hit where it hurts. UPS is behind in market share in this area, perhaps maybe you should focus your energy there.
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    Oh this is where he tells us how many days until peak!!! Make me puke!
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    I would add dental labs in with banking and optical. Lots of air with shippers like this.

    I have starting seeing about five extra stops a day with LL Bean, and about the same with Asurion, who replaces certain insured items. Somebody came on BC and said Fedex was getting all of Amazon at the end of last month, my car is still full of it everyday.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Yes, but I noticed Amazon boxes DR'd by FDX express lately in my area. It's like that GEICO commercial "Look at the money you can save by using.." the money they saved not servicing LL Bean anymore can now be applied to some other large distributor.