R.I.P. Les Paul

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    Electric guitar legend Les Paul dies, age 94

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    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Legendary guitarist and inventor Les Paul, who pioneered designs of electric guitars, has died of complications from pneumonia at a New York hospital, his lawyer said on Thursday. He was 94.
    Attorney Michael Braunstein said Paul died at the White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York. He added that Paul had been "in and out of the hospital" for about two months and had battled a number of illnesses.
    "At 94, it's hard to fight a lot of stuff," Braunstein said. "He's a historical person. He certainly has left his mark here on Earth and had many, many friends."
    Paul had been a dominant force in the music business since World War Two. He and wife Mary Ford enjoyed a string of hits in the 1940s and 1950s that included "Mockin' Bird Hill" and "How High the Moon."
    A passionate tinkerer, he created one of the first solid-body electric guitars in 1941, and went on to pioneer multi-track recording.
    Paul played a key role in the birth of rock 'n' roll in the early 1950s when he teamed up with Gibson Guitar Corp. to help design a sleek model that bears his name. An instant success, its basic structure has barely changed over the decades.
    Despite arthritis and hearing problems, Paul remained an indefatigable musician, playing regularly at a New York jazz club into his 90s.
    Paul is survived by three sons, a daughter and several grandchildren and great grandchildren, Braunstein.
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    The Big Guy takes another great soul !!!

    Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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    Very Sad day and a man who meant a lot to this family of musicians including a young jazz guitarist who plays a Les Paul Standard.

    Few years ago when Les hit 90 they did a documentary film called "Chasing Sound, Les Paul at 90" and even if you aren't a musican, it's worth the watch to see what Les has done for music. He also invented multi-track recording and is the father of looping.

    Even though his famous name was on the headstock of a competitors product, Les and another iconic name in Leo Fender were good friends.

    Thanks Les and do us one favor, turn up every so often so we can hear when you play Caravan in Heaven!

    If you want to hear first hand how the effect of multi-track was used, below is a vid of Les and Mary Ford of performing "How High the Moon" and you'll hear that signature sound of the late 40's and 1950's that was used in so many recording and very much in itself became an icon during that period.


    and Mary Ford could hold her own as well


    And Eddie Van Halen may say it all about what Les Paul has done for music