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    Just saw the clip on Rachel Ray and Nich Lachey at the old DHL hub in Wilmington. We must understand that this could have been SDF, DHL came here to run us and FDX out of business but due to bad calls they failed. Many ex-upser worked at DHL and I know alot of these people, heck I was DHL in 86 but thank goodness I was lucky to move to SDF and leave them behind. The episode will air Nov 25 and all of us will be working to make sure UPS stays in business, but how long with FDX being run more efficiently and UPS paying Grade 20s and above massive bonuses. UPSs stock was ahead of FDX this year, now this same year FDX is over 20 dollars more. Scott Davis has never worked in a package operation yet he has run OPL, UPS Aviation Technologies, and now UPS, I bet Jim Casey is rolling in his grave.
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    "Massive Bonuses", " FDX being run more efficiently" can you provide a link to substantiate your claims.
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    FEDEX has got to be down alot of volume,I see them pulling single pups up & down I 84 all the time going to & from their hub in CT. Used to always be sets rolling in & out of there.
  4. No he cannot and never will. He just spouts anti-company, pro-union garbage about the "struggle" the airline mechanics are suffering through.
    He also does not know anything about the grades of management.
  5. He can't, but I can.

    The Compensation Committee has a three year plan to increase the bonuses for the CEO from 250% of the annual salary to 675%; the COO from 225% to 575% and the CFO from 225% to 300%

    "While it expects to continue to monitor the effect of global economic conditions on the Company, the Compensation Committee is committed to the implementation of its plan to increase the total compensation of these three executive officer positions through increasing LTIP target award values, with the increase in compensation earned by these executives, subject to meeting the performance targets over the three-year performance period."

    This was found on page 27 of the proxy statement (SEC 14)
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    Bad link, google ceo compensation, last reported was 6.2 million which is by
    no definition massive.
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    Fdx is not more efficent. They are better at BS'ing an earnings presentation. And they are an attractive transportation stock for investing since they have a lot more room to grow then we do. The share price of Fdx has nothing to do with how they run their business.

    An argument could be made that this company has cut a lot of region and district level jobs and will probably cut more in the future. These are all high paying jobs.

    Fdx is undercutting us on cost. All of us affect cost.
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    Airbusfxr. Here's a news flash. Companies are in business to make money. If they don't make money, (long enough) they go out of business. You say FDX is more efficient then UPS. B&*****. They do pay their employees on average less. Our drivers make more then the FDX drivers. (esp the ground contractors). Our mechanics make more then the FDX mechanics. Our CEO however, makes way less then Fred Smith. If you go to forbes Fred smith is ranked 164th on executive salary in the country 8.67 million, (that was 2006) Scott Davis was ranked 444th with 1.52 million. That is 2009 rate of pay. Is it a lot. Yes, is it too much? Maybe, but compared to industry average it's not. No offense airbusfxr. You say on many posts you want to be paid similar to the grade 20's. You have to earn it. You are a mechanic. You may have to be specialized and your job is important. But not as important as our VP's. They are paid more, because they earned it. You've ranted anti UPS anti mgmt postings for a long time and most of your posts are just ramblings. There's no way the average person will sympathize with the mechanics when they find out what you make and you are the highest paid in the industry. If you want big bucks. Go back to college, put your nose to the grindstone and earn it...
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    I like it.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I think Giada should be the new spokesperson for UPS. Can you see her in UPS brown? Totally cute!
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    Yes I can.......

    ....provided she does not have to button the top [-]two[/-] [-]three[/-] four buttons.


    Airbusfxr you need to stay away from all these other threads. Go back to where you belong on the Local 2727 Update thread! There you will find like minded idiots with similar views. After all its your thread and it will soon be the greatest thread in BC history!

    Same goes for you DOL!! Stay where you belong!
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    FED-EX is doing so great that must be why they are having to rasie there rates. I know UPS is going to follow by raising there rates but probably not as much as FED-EX.

    FED-EX is spending tems millions of dollars on lobbying congress and fighting states lawsuits that they now need to rasie there rates.
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    Have to,I don`t think she could.
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    Is Rachel Ray still fat? Boy, that girl can eat!! :happy-very:
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    We had better hire some good bs'ers for our earnings report. Tie, how would you feel if your stock was worth almost $47/share more then it was on 3/10/09? That is the gain fdx has. Our gain during that period has been $16/share. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about how much better we are then fdx...maybe we are but if this is true, why isn't it reflected and, has never beem in UPS stock price?:angry:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    LOL,,,Martha Stewart just dissed Ray-Ray by saying she's just an entertainer than a chef.
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    We have lost this thread. It was about RR going to Ohio to feed the people that DHL left holding the bag. I dont think Martha would go out of her way to help people on the street.
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    Nowhere in your initial post did it say anything about Rachel feeding people. In fact, not really sure what point you were getting at. I guess you would need to see the video.