Racist suspended at MSNBC

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Jan 9, 2012.

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    To be fair there is no box marked "racist" on the application.
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    "The conservative firebrand has seemed increasingly out of place on a network that has emphasized a liberal viewpoint on many of its programs in recent years."

    I have no idea if this man is a racist or not, but doesn't this one sentence explain his firing?
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    I wondered where Pat had been. He was always fairly interesting on Morning Joe.
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    Where'd you get that sentence? Did you steal it ?? You didn't give props !!! Shame on you!! Quote marks aren't enough, you have to cite the source......unless it was God or Dog.
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    Pat Buchanan has been a racist for decades. All you have to do is read his writings and positions on race. He has went to extremes to write about "the end of white america" and that says it all.

    He's another relic of the right wing hate base. A closet Obama intended on keeping america white and controlled by whites. Nobody has to prove anything to anyone about Pat Buchanan, he has made it clear he is a racist all on his own.

    Pat Buchanan:
    Pat Buchanan:

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