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    did anyone else recieve a raise this week cuz i notice my check today had a increase from 11.35 to 12.50 is this normal i have not even made 2yrs yet an im at 12.50 already and lookin in the had book by da time 2012 ill be at almost 15-16 i guess but can someone clear that up for me.
  2. did you get your raise on aug 1 ?
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    You better check into that asap, if UPS is overpaying you they will eventually find out & take it back in large chunks...........
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    We just got our back pay checks and raises last week. I think it was because 710's contract finally went through. What local are you in LA?
  5. 572:peaceful:
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    Seniority plus one year is $10 unskilled, $11 skilled. Latter plus $.35 8/1 general raise is $11.35. Dunno where they're getting $12.50, but no need to tell them. If it ain't broke don't fix it. At worst it's a free loan. Try to save it.
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    Contract changes due to one of our biggest hubs going on strike. On strike for less than 4 hours before UPS HAD to "bow down" to demands. One of them was a raise for part-timers that involved an $.85 (cent) raise, also known as "Cost Of Living". What you will also notice different, come your 3rd year (hire date, 3 years ago), instead of you receiving the mandatory raise of $.50 (cent), you will only see an increase of $.15 (once again, cent) in your paycheck.

    Louisville is the central heart of this whole company. It is SOOOO large, a package from one end of the building to the other travels 3.85 miles. Along with a train that runs right through it for frieght and it is also totally computerized. Look at a label the next time, and I'm not talking for sake misload, misorting, etc. There is a "bulls-eye" looking graphic on it that is read by the computers mainly in this hub, then transferred to appropriate belts, not by man but by computer.
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    Louisville was where the strike happened by the way.
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    Uhhm, the human readable? do you think the HR is special or something, like Lousiville only has or uses it? it's just a fancy barcode that is used widely in the UPS system.
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    Not the Human Readiable...it is the UPScode (old Dense Code/SmartCode).
    It is a 2 dimensional barcode that contains address and package specific information. Designed to be able to be read by CCD scanners on belts moving 800 ft/min.
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    I'm sorry, I had meant the MAXICODE. That is what it's called. Again, It isn't like that is just specific to Louisville. We all use it.
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    WOW!!! That's amazing!!! Cause our building was erected in 1988 and we still use the "lines", you know those things that run vertically right below the tracking number, to scan a package...:slap:

    Apparently 99.9% of my reply was, otherwise, correct! YEAH ME!!!

    Talk about "getting off topic"
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    I'm too confused about the raises to go back on topic. I don't see how someone without 2 years in can jump from $9.50 an hour to $12.50, nevermind $8.50.

    50 cents for seniority, correct?
    50 cents for 1 year?
    $1.10/hr for Aug 2007 contract raise?
    $.35/hr for Aug 2008 raise

    maybe I'm missing a raise they recieved, and they started at $9.50 for skilled pay...