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    Hello everyone I started as a parttime unloader on October 2 2017. I am currently making 15$ an hour our hub gave all partimers raises from 10.20 hour to 15$ early 2018. I have just hit my one year and was hoping id get that .70cent raise. but have yet to see in paystub. Do we get the raise once we hit once year seniority or would i have to wait 1 year from when contact was in effect august 1. Was going to wait another paystub before i ask the sup see if it comes in
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    You wont see a raise until 2022 most likely when you hit $15.50. Since you are already at top rate for the 2013-2018 contract, you wont be getting anything except maybe another week of vacation time.
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    Are we sure on that?
    I thought I read on one of the Rising updates that those receiving a market rate adjustment would get the GWI. I will look for it.
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    Your not getting the raise. That's correct you won't see a raise until your GWI exceeds $15 hr. Which should be aug 2021when you hit $15.70
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    We are still working under the previous contract
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    From the July 27 Rising update.

    Those with a market rate adjustment will receive the GWI.

    maket rate.png


    This info is from the IBT website. They have been known to make things up as they go.
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    You will get the raise when the new contract is ratified.
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    You go back to $13/hr m.. thanks Obama
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    How sure are you of this
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    While you're worried about a small raise that will probably throw you in a higher tax bracket causing your take-home to get smaller, we just lost our union.

    I would have given up 5 years of raises to get rid of this 22.4 giveback. UPS should be hiring MORE FULL-TIME DRIVERS to meet demands, not creating a cheaper driver and union-busting classism. I'm getting madder by the day that our union had it set in stone to ram this through no matter what the election result was. Hoffa would have overruled a 90% No, 10% Yes result.