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    I've worked for UPS for 20+ years as a Teamster. All of you teamsters are not living in reality. Everybody pays something for their benefits. We all work very hard and are paid very well . You guys should be embarrassed of yourselves acting like spoiled children. You better hope UPS keeps making billions because if they don't we will all be taking pay cuts like every other company out there. Wake up people. And I've had those teamster benefits my whole career. You guys think you should have better than me. Ups teamsters are a bunch of whiny baby brats and I'm a teamster.

    I didn't come up with this but it was texted to me from one of my fellow workers for me to post on this forum. This is what it looks like from where I'm from. What's your perspective??
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    How can you make PT employees take a pay cut? FT yeah, PT no.
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    I understand that reasoning. Been with UPS for 20 years as well. I voted NO not because I wanted a higher pay, in fact I would have been ok if the contract Stays the same with just a few changes on the 9.5 and other operation related issues. I work hard not for the company but for the future of my kids and my wife and I retirement and in the process I actually helped to make this company become rich. It's a 2 way relationship. I'm thankful for my job but don't take away from what I already worked for, health and welfare is important and like I said, they can keep their 3.90 raise just don't take away anything.... I am not ashamed to say I am underpaid but I am cool with it!!!! The company has provided greatly but that is because I provided them good service as well.... When I am old the company will still be here making their money but when father time catches up with your body, I don't think you can tell me that I am a spoiled brat for wanting a small part of that cake that I helped cook.
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    So if you want UPS to keep making Billions, I'll assume your going to stop filing grievances and costing them money right 407??
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    Is this directed only to the 35% of UPSers, FT? How about the 65% that are the majority, part-timers?

    Who ever texted you that is a management kiss ass. I hope we get more and you get what you voted for.
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    This isn't my words. It's the perspective of a member where I'm from. I'm asking for others perspectives. I have no problem filing grievances for contract violation for monetary penalties. I've also filed many on others behalf and some for the top three top five or so on top senority guys to get the money. I'm not here or a steward to make big bucks off grievances. I'm here to enforce the contract and settle disputes. For this I get no extra pay and I pay dues. It's a thankless job that I do for many reasons none of which are monetary.
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    Do you ever offer anything of value? Are you on cut and paste mode? It's the same rant with you.
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    You're such a troll. This guy is know management kiss ass by far. He's been fired at least five times. You ever been in the hot seat Hoffa Sux?? I've been there many times in the past. They say you truly don't understand UPS until you've been in this position.
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    I'd like to see him answer the question.
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    How much did he make starting PT 20+ years ago?
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    What's the hot seat?
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    Tell your buddy, or whoever it is to grow a set of balls and post his own words.
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    What most people want to see is language that is crystal clear and defined.( 9.5, Harassment, Electronic Discipline, Progression, Management honesty)
    Full timers make good money and need more help with insurance and pension funding with increases , not five dollars a hour raise over the next five years.
    Then again no raise, no dues increase.
    Part times that stay at UPS are there for Health insurance and should receive the same plan with C.S. that they had with Atena. Starting pay 10.50 w/ quicker increases.
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    The stewards from L177 are paid for their troubles by not paying dues.

    During my time as a driver, we had to drum up more stops for UPS by looking for FedEx stops and giving out "leads" that would earn us points to use to buy things in the UPS catalog, much like the old prizes that you earned for safe driving, and years of service. The 80's were a boom for this company. I saw so many new hires that I climbed the seniority ladder almost monthly.

    What I've learned since being on this site is that it's so much different from one local to the next. When I was a driver in the 90's I stopped the FedEx driver that I always saw on my route one day. He told me that it was very hard for a person to get to be a full time driver. It took eight (8) years to get to top rate at that time. At the time of our talk, he was making only four (4) dollars an hour less than us. Raises were hard for them to accomplish and many of the drivers in FedEx were making different wages. He also said that the company was gearing to go completely part time. Keep in mind, this was before Fed Ex Ground.

    I think UPS still underpays its employees, full and part time. The crap that we have to endure is very stressful. I started out as a part-time loader and then a driver. I worked as a clerk and I also worked at the customer counter. I might add that at the time that I transferred to a driver that I was making $12.85 an hour PT. There was one person that was still working part-time that was working alongside me when I was PT. His wages were close to 26 an hour at the time of our talk which was in the year 2010. How would a PT loader feel working alongside a man making more than 2 and a half times his wages? I think UPS makes this happen to create animosity among all of us.

    I love the fact that L177 voted the supplement down because that's what I would've done as I always voted for the future. I would like to think that they have my back as I always had theirs. We only have each other. UPS is trying to split us up and this vote of the supplements has told them to take it like they dish it out...HARD.
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    This is why as long as ups makes a profit we will see raises.
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    I worked for UPS for 32 years as a fulltime Teamster. Just because everybody pays for their benefits doesn't mean we should just get in line. Everybody doesn't work for a company making the
    kinds of profits UPS is making.

    We do work very hard and are paid very well. That's because UPS does make billions. I don't have to hope UPS will keep making billions because one
    thing UPS has proven to me is that they are very good at making money.

    No, I don't think I should have it better than you. I think you should get the same
    great health care plan UPS has given me. Sadly all I get back when I bring this up is how happy people are with their lesser plan.

    Again the theory is if we keep this great health care plan we might put UPS out of business. I think that's just totally absurd. When UPS can truly show me my benefits or hourly
    wage package is a detriment to continued success then I'll listen. Until then I have no intention of giving anything back without a fight.
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    All right. I've been in the hot seat. I've been walked off the property. I have been OJS 40 times in 8 years. Hell I even went through two strikes growing up. Let me tell you it's all worth it in the end. Because the days of company's taking care of their employees are done. Your buddy has to realize its not about taking and taking. It's about having a good work place. Also working for a good company. The past five years have been hell for all of us. UPS has come up with new systems that don't work. Treating their employees (union and non) like crap. Trying to fire employees for the littles things. This company will go to crap if this keeps going on for years to come. Because the old workers with skill and good work ethic and will not pass it down to the new bees. So it's one big I don't give a sheet fest and UPS is hosting it.

    So do you see. We have to do this to keep this company going. If not this company will fall. The only reason this company is so big is because we get the big three. Pension, pay and benefits. Start to take that away then crap you will receive. Would you still work your tale off for less?
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    The argument that everyone else pay benefits so we should too is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    As my parents use to say. If everyone jumped off a cliff........
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    All you and Stink defend is that fact that 35% of UPS Teamsters make $90K and you forget the fact 65% of UPS Teamsters struggle to make ends meet and with only 2350 full-time jobs offered the life of this TA it will take them even longer now to promote to full-time.

    You guys can continue to brag about the 35%.

    407 Steward must be upset that Central States Supplement was defeated. Are you upset it went down in flames or are you more upset that the 140,000 UPSers on superior health plans will not be getting merged into enhancing your Central States Health and Welfare Fund aka TEAMcare?
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