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    Is this about rape and male attitude or just an excuse to slam Oprah? Not that I give a rat's arse about Oprah!

    Would you slam Oprah if she had endorsed McCain instead?

    BTW: One serious reason why the male attitude is as it is has to do with all the monotheistic religions who portray women as 2nd class and property. Other religions and societies do this as well but in the west and near east, it's at the heart of the 3 major belief system.

    Prior to the Roman conquests of Europe, many of Europes tribal societies had a co-equal structure to it and in some cases women were held in very high esteem. Early Roman Britian had the Iceni Tribal Queen Boudica is just one example and she even lead her people into battle against the Romans.

    One of the reasons among many that the southern France Carthars were destroyed by the State/Church alliance was that they held women as co-equals in society and not subservient. Around the time of christ, the Essenes who were gnostics are also believed to have held such views of women and many suggest that John the Baptist and even Christ were in fact Essenes themselves and thus giving some leverage to the many Mary Magdalene stories.

    Besides, the old testament itself allows a man to rape a virgin and then pay a set price, and the woman is his for life. Don't believe me? Go look it up and read it yourself!
    Deuteronomy 22:28-29

    No wonder girls weren't allowed to pick their own husbands because if they weren't betrothed early, the pervert up the street could knock out a quickie with the young honey down the block, pay the silver and he's got another arm trophy!

    What again was your complaint about South Africa?
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    Oprah was an afterthought as a person who goes outside her own country when there is plenty of need right here....Besides, I would only slam O on days that end in "y".

    The main focus was rape and how lightly it's viewed in that part of the world. You can quote bible or whatever.....back when mankind were savages. I'm talking today. Rape today!! Today it's a crime. Today, today, today, not in historical times.

    They wonder why there is an aids problem in that country.

    Today, the U.N. provides 12 and 13 yr. old virgins for high ranking members to enjoy. Another reason to be disgusted by the U.N.
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    OK, let's make a fresh start then. You know that Christmas stuff you love so much, it all started way, way back when. Good bye! See you never! Going, Going, GONE!

    And all the religion stuff so near and dear to people's heart, you know that Baby Jesus myth stuff, rooted in bronze age myth? So let's chunk it out the door too!

    All of it from Genesis to Revelation! Good riddence! Islam and Mohammad goes with it because they follow the same foundational text too. Hot damn, peace at last. No more jews and no more muslims and no more whiney christians coming to the door on Saturday morning wanting to tell me I going to hell which geez I already know that as eveyone will go to hell and spend the rest of time there together.

    Oh and that big Thanksgiving thingy you love to do? No! No! No! Goodbye!

    Let's see, we'll have to change a lot of written law as well because we've got to get rid of all the "Thou shall not steal, murder or lie." To old school. We'll all be acting like Mexican drug lords! Sounds fun don't it?

    As for the UN, been arguing to chunk that stuff to the curb since the 70's, where you been? You just now figuring out that American created organization is really no good after all? Wake up sleepy head!
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    you should have written continent , not country.
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    Geez WK... you just hate everyone dont you?
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    She was the one who came up with idea of throwing out history so I was just going along for the ride!

    Hate everyone?