Rasta fair civil rights

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    UPS draggin' and screaming into the 21st century. No more ignoring of life style choice, religion, race etc .

    Why is UPS appealing this decision?

    UPS loses lawsuit over NJ job applicant's beard

    January 30, 2009 TRENTON, N.J. - United Parcel Service has been ordered to pay $10,000 to a Jersey City man denied a job because his Rastafarian religious beliefs forbid him from shaving his 1-inch beard.

    The verdict was handed down Friday by a federal jury in Trenton in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    It claimed the Atlanta-based courier discriminated against 31-year-old Roniss Mason by failing to make an exception to its appearance guidelines to accommodate his religious beliefs. He had applied in 2004 for a seasonal job as a driver's assistant.
    UPS said it plans to appeal the verdict.
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    I hope UPS wins this appeal !!:happy-very:

    This Rasta-guy is a jerk, the big Ragu !!:sad-little::biting::angry:
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    dfig, you'll sing a different tune when Mr. Rasta-guy says he can't join a union because it's against his religion.....:happy-very::happy-very:
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    My post covered religious and political issues. It is not a good idea to have running posts about that but if a US civil rights court says that the moral values of the Land should provide for acceptance of a particular religious precept, then that's the way it is ... unless and until it is overturned.
  5. Dfigger:

    I am not aware of UPS losing a case whenever it involved presenting a uniform appearance to customers since the policy is uniformly and equally applied. UPS has stopped doing that for inside union jobs I think at least at the places I've seen anyway. I always wondered of the policy was tested in the 'Inside Management' jobs like IS, if it could hold, but so far it has.

    Go UPS!
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    I wonder how supportive the courts would be when the rastaman drives a package care over some kids in a crosswalk while pursuing "spiritual enlightenment", aka, smoking some ganja. HR should have just sent him for a DOT physical and he would have failed the piss test and made himself ineligible for the job.

    UPS does allow for appearance guideline exemptions when its for religious or medical reasons - religious would be things such as the Rastafarian belief that they should not bring a razer to their face or head, medical would be conditions such as ingrown hairs caused by shaving, etc.

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    Why is this in the IT section?
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    Do you mean that there is no discrimination in IT?

    Listen ... (15 years ago or so)

    IS human resources asked me to threaten someone who worked for me ... threaten him thusly ... either cut you hair or get fired ... (His sideburns were "too" long)

    Listen again ... (also about 15 years ago)

    XX then of IS HR ... last known location was corporate HR ... when XX said UPS will never hire anyone who cannot work on Saturdays ... the comment was not meant for SDAs.

    Bias and discrimination may be properly discussed in this forum IMHO.
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    I dont think so, its def more of a labor relations thing.....

    But I think this is just another lawsuit thats complete bs, would he want to wear his marcus garvey or bob marley shirt too? Or maybe just the rustafarian colors....is that ok too?