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  1. DS

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    Our hub is in the process of re-looping all the routes.The IE guy is actually working with preload to to teach them how to add/cut to achieve a good load.
    He is a nice guy,and listens to us when we disagree with the way they do it.
    I got lucky today and although my car looked packed,I only had 61 deliveries.
    His goal was 75.
    I told him I would have to go through it after I got my air off and he said,ok but PLEASE go by sequence because we have to prove to them that we can do it in order to have them implement PAS.Well I have no clue about sequence so I just did it the most efficient way.I have a few new stops that I have to deliver to that I will have to do like a college and a hockey arena,that will require area knowledge before I master it.From space it looks easy,but every area has its time consuming stops that slow you down. All in all,I like it in theory.
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    They were really nice when they re-looped my building. Then they went away.
  3. Bubblehead

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    In our building they purchased the loop detail front the Post Office.
    Setting up our routes the way the mailman would walk his route turned out to be a huge mistake.
    Six months later they had to reloop all over again to try and undo the damage from the first reloop.
    Were they loose me is the desire for wholesale change in this process.
    Routes evolve over time in order to better serve the CUSTOMER.
    Seems now they are designed to better serve the stockholder which in my opinion is in theory at best.
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    Yeah they could care less about the customer yet they hound us every day to get more customers that we wont take care of. We constantly cut routes, miss pickups, and change the driver that a customer sees based on volume. It used to be a customer would say "my driver" now they say "the driver."
  5. dilligaf

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    DS If PAS is set up correctly from the get go you will find it so much easier. Keep notes and work with your team. Let them know daily what is working and what isn't. It's really amazing the time it will save in the long run. It took us probably 3 or 4 months before we started seeing any results but it was worth it.
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    DS, you will find the time that you personally put in during the implementation of PAS will make your life so much easier. Ask for a copy of your DOL. Go through it and set it up the way that you would like to run the area. Sit down with the PAS/EDD team to make sure that they abide by your wishes. I notice the difference between my DOL and the DOL of add/cuts I get from those drivers who did not take the time to set theirs up.

    You should also expect a production push soon after PAS is implemented.
  7. Brown287

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    PAS is extremely helpful if done properly. Like the others said it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you take the time to sit down and plan out your route. I went home one weekend and typed my route out on my computer and handed it to them. I wrote my route up with all the number breaks and the order in which I would like to deliver my route. When your doing this plan your route as if you have a stop on every street on both the odd and even, and go from there. My route is done up so that everything comes out of the passenger door. Once they had my route on paper I then sat with the lady and we went through the route area by area. Do the time now or for ever pay for it on road.
  8. barnyard

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    I spent quite a bit of time when we implemented PAS. I used to run my route at 85-90% on trace. Then we had some holiday closings. Instead of marking individual addresses as closed, they took out address ranges. After the holiday, the ranges were put back in the wrong order. I was told to 'fix it' and replied that I did not break it, you did, you fix it. That was the last I heard about it.

    Now, I typically run 65-70% trace. I have not changed the route at all.

    Also, in the last month the computer has started 'correcting' some addresses. They are correct on the label, but are SPA'd to another address on another route. So far, the only fix has been to change those addresses to spa to the clerk and she hand writes a sequence number and loads it in my truck. The packages are still in another route's EDD though, so the other driver wastes his time looking for them. Plus, she does not get all of them, so Friday, 2 of us delivered to 2 of the same places.

    In another quirk, we have an area that has been divided by 'accident' and can see as many as 4 drivers on the same dead end road. Even though we have pointed out the problem for the past year, there never seems to be any time to correct it.

    The loop that I am a part of has seen the hours and stops go up for every driver for the past year.
  9. nicky

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    These guys are right that when done properly it helps, unfortunately the guy they put in charge of ours was more like Jo Jo the idiot circus monkey. We all had our DOLs and set the routes up the way we wanted, but over time they have changed the dispatcher 3 times and each one has hacked it up a little more. One area was looped for two drivers one entering from teh north the other from teh south, yet when they cut work they cut the work in the middle and it is now looped completely wrong for teh second driver
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    I solve the problem every morning I scroll through my EDD so I know what's suppose to be on my truck than I plan and run my route the most efficient way for the load that I have that day.

    When they piss me off I Run the EDD the way it is set up.
  11. The Blackadder

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    My building has pretty much giving up on this ever working, the add cuts are a joke. They cut a whole route 10 mins before start time and put 15 20 stops on 4 or 5 other cars, just tossed in RDC have the driver try to figure it out.

    My route is heavy with Biz, they love to cut house calls in the middle of it all so I have to work around the house calls.

    This system could be great but like much at UPS I dont see anyone who cares to work to make it right, just meet those numbers on paper and it is fine, never mind if it is a waste of time and money.
  12. Big Babooba

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    Why do you have to insult idiot circus monkeys?
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    Setting the DOL just the way you deliver the route will also make it easier for a cover driver to follow. Work with the PAS team and the Dispatch Sup for any corrections like RDL and Floor Stops.
  14. barnyard

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    I have done that. Love the conversation the next day.
  15. Brownsfan

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    So how exactly does that conversation go the next day?
  16. thessalonian13

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    Don't waste your breath talking to IE... They will do whatever they want no matter how badly it screws up your route... Let them mess it up and laugh even more when dispatch adds their mess too... LOL
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It's a fairly one-sided conversation.
  18. dannyboy

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    Both of these hold true when they relooped here. One thing they never did was contact the customer to see how changing delivery and pick up times would affect them. Big mistake.

    When it came to add/cut the area affected most was the most heavily business sections of town. That is where they added routes, and when they cut, those sections then went to several other cars.

    When they added or cut, all cars changed, not just 4 or 5. Many kept the same amount of stops; they just traded where the stops would be. So instead of just one driver delivering a street or subdivision, you could expect 4 or 5, many times parked next to each other doing deliveries or pickups.

    We also had real problems with one area making the pickup at a business 2-3 hours before they got the delivery, when before they got the delivery before lunch, then picked up after three.

    That all changed. And yes, the people that relooped were really nice, they listened, they even took notes. Then they did exactly what they wanted in spite of what was communicated to them. Not only once, but twice.

    In one town, there is not much of a problem anymore; they went FedEx with a lot of volume. Now the remaining volume “fits” the plan. So UPS is happy, and can point to the “success” of a plan that works.

    Reminds me of the story about the emperor that had no clothes………

  19. packageguy

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    Do it right, you will love it. take your time sit with them and set up your route.
  20. grgrcr88

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    When they did ours, one sup went out and drove around for 3 months relooping every route all by himself. He never asked for nor did he listen to any input from any driver in the process. Needless to say it was a complete disaster and we are 3 years into it and still trying to fix it. And our fifth dispatch sup.