Real time wage increases.. New contract sucks

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by david426, Oct 13, 2007.

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    1st year.. .70
    2nd year .75
    3rd year .75
    4th year .85
    5th year .95
    Wage increases will be divided in half every year.. For example.. Year 1 will give us .35 cents on Aug 1st 2008 and .35 cents on February 2009.. Which totals to .70 cents for year 1. If you work a 40 hour week all year,, that calculates to .52 cents an hour for the year ,based on straight time.. If you work 50 hours a week,, it boils down to around .46 cents an hour based on the overtime you could have accumulated during the first 6 months receiving the full .70 cents an hour on August 1 2008-July 31 2009... Our raises are below 2.5% a year.. Inflation is higher than that.. Who wins here?? Lets hire a Genius
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    We made it clear that health/welfare and pension were more important than wages on the next contract. Our wage increases during the next contract are more than fair.
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    david i agree with u!

    how can hoffa sell this as the



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    Stop already, $32hr in 5 yrs not paying for healthcare, pension is fully funded, give it a break, vote yes I did 10 yrs in pkg now in Feeders for over 1 year, the only thing I dont like is sub contracting
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    No i will not vote yes, just because your in a cushy situation doesnt mean the rest of us are, how do u think you got there? by others caring about the future UPSers, not being self-fish and voting yes on a less than acceptable contract. Yes 4 dollars over 5 years is nice, however for a PTer, they are losing on avg, 200 bux a year with the split raises (assuming a 20 hr work week) for the life of the contract. 200 dollars may not seem like alot of money to the drivers who are making that in about 7 hrs of work, but 200 bux a year, is alot to us when we are working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet (im not complaining about that im just stating it). The lack of job creation for the 22.3s (although i'd rather have a driving job especially a feeder position which is the easiest position to get into in my HUB (about 3-5 yr wait, 10+ for pkg, and even greater for 22.3)). The subcontracting as well, if worked right with the company, if this deal goes through when they pull trailers off the rails will almost assuredly go to subcontractors and they will bust their A***s to keep them there. So when you say your going to vote in your best interests, think about this, you didn't get where you are today by the voters before you voting in their best interests solely. There is no I in Teamsters
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    Dont talk to me about PART TIME, I was part time for 9YEARS, I was smart enough to realize I couldnt afford to start a family or go out on my own, or get married. and at that time there was no 22.3 jobs just friggin Part Time work. And if you expect to make the same money as us drivers forget it, and I have been with the company for 20 years 9 part time 10 pkg driving and 1 feeder. So yes I did vote in the past to GET ME HERE. and as far as your situation goes, as I sated before I was smart enough to realize I cant afford to get married and have a family on a Part time job, I payed my dues for 9 years and I finally got to go pkg drving, so dont tell me about sacrifice, I am not happy about the sub contracting, but that is nothing new it has been around before this contract and I cant help if I busted my butt for 9 years so I could get to where I am today, heck you where probably in diapers when I was working part time. This is the problem of America today everybody wants somebody else to take care of them,no accountabilty for themselves, they want hand outs from the goverment, did you ever thing to use the tuition reimbursment program to help put you thru college to Better yourself?? Why arent you asking for money from the other 2 jobs yur are working? Why are you working 3 jobs?? unless you got yurself into a situation where you have to work 3 jobs? I should vote "No" cus of you who caused his or her own predicament to work 3 jobs and expect me to possibly be without work for sometime and put stress on my family and hope I keep my house, yeah ok....Like I said you are un realistic to think that a part time job could support a marriage or family. Even a 22.3 would be hard pressed to do that, and that WAS a bad deal 22.3 are not full time jobs just 2 part time jobs stuck together, leaving sometimes 2hrs between shifts. Or better yet put in your time and you will go driving.
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    When did i ask for a handout? and no i don't work 3 jobs (but i know some who do), i work 2, and i never even mentioned starting a family. I'm sorry but college was a waste of my time and $ (your GOVERNMENT money, and please dont pull the "you must have been too dumb to stay in college care on me either" , i jsut dont see a dead end desk job as bettering myself, i am an outside person). And my other job, trying to get extra $ outta it is like trying to get blood from a rock. And i see you been with the CO for about 20 years, close i wasn't in diapers yet, i was still inside my mom. And i didn't say to vote no because of my own prediciment, i said vote no because your brothers and sisters in this union are trying to get where you and many others are today, and this contract hinders that. And you say dont complain about the contract b/c of the benefits? New hires wont be getting Benes till atleast 1 yr into their career at UPS. So please, know my motives before you call them out, and B.) back in 1987 (assuming thats your start year with 20 yrs of service), 8.50 bought u a hella lot more than it does today. Also dont give me the (if u dont like the pay theres the door either) as im willing to suck it up to get ahead in the CO. But once again, like i said before dont vote because it better just your situation but your brothers and sisters as well.
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    First off you start at$8:50 an hr 9 months later you get bumped up to 10:50, so dont speil me this 8:50 bull, thats fine you dont want to got college I put in 9 years part time ok, untill I went driving, nothing has changed you will have to bid yur time till you get that chance, why give bennie's to part timers right away when more than half leave in the first year? Like somebody else stated if you plan on making a career at UPS this contract wont affect you, with the exception of the 3 year progression, you sound like you want to stay around and go full time driving which is fine but again it took me 9 years, it doesnt happen over nite, after raises in my 9 years of part time I was making $15 hr, so you will be compensated, this contract is for people comming thru the door, I cant worry about them because they havent come thru the door yet. They know what they are signing up for when they walk thru that door, they can make the choice. But in order for you to get ahead in this company you either go management or you go Driving pkg or feeder. And this is where you will make a living to support a family and house, not that I dont CARE, like I said it is what it is a PART TIME job, even at $8:50 but ets bumped up tp$10:50 after 9 months, you cant find a part time job that pays and has benie's like this one, yes some part time jobs pay more but no benie's, I am telling you right now if the offer is voted down then the company is going to comeback with that this was their best and final offer. You are not going to see an increase, plus we now bring into play the new Pension laws into play starting at the beginning of the new year, which if the pensions are not 100% funded there will be a huge penalty and our pensions will be cut, also you have to take into account the CS pension and healthcare buy out which will be 6 billion and it is a good deal for my brothers and sisters because right now they get nothing, under this contract they get their pension and healthcare back as if nothing had happened,so yes the part timers dont get what you want , but like I said if you plan on staying around then yes you will have a pension and healthcare when you get full time, and you will be making 32 hr top pay if you get there in the next 2 years by the end of this contract
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    Fair enough, im not gonna argue that point because u did bring up the CS fund and that screw job they were given over time with the investing the trustees did with the monies they were provided with. Just wondering? where your getting me at 10.50 after 9 months? im at 10 bux right now, after my 90 day and sort raises, wont see a raise until aug 13 of next year. and as for the FT driving within the next two years, doubtful since Pkg car driving in my hub is nearly impossible after only 2-3 years of seniorty, and i have to get my CDL for feeders, which i plan on signing up to get it the day i turn 21. and still a year or two wait after that to win a bid for that.
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    You also have to keep yur driving record clean, the 10:50 I saw it on here somewhere, I will try to find and bring it here
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    Ha ha, trust me, that thing wont see a blemish on it, after my speeding tick i got about a year ago disppears (after 18 months)
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    No improvement for pensions, more cost for retirees healthcare, less than cost of living raises, UPS makes one billion in PROFIT every quarter! It seems less than status quo and alot that needs to be improved on in the contract before it's acceptable:sad:
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't it say(in another thread) they can take .35 cents of our raise every year if they want to to help fund our pension? I also haven't read anywhere were it says that we won't have to pay for healthcare sometime later.
  14. Brown Dog

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    You're right they can take half of that measley raise every year and we could still get socked with rising health care costs. Plus with no increase in pension benefit but an increase in retirees health cost, the pension is actually MUCH less than before! Doesn't sound like "the best contract ever" now does it?
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    8.50 to start, 10.50 after 9 months??? What company is this???
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    22.3 combo's arn't full time? I have been with UPS 15 years, 5 part time, 10 as a 22.3 I don't have a gap, I work my 8 maybe some OT here and there. I do realize that some combo's have that 2 hour gap, which we need to fix. I bust my balls 5 hours in preload thats work my friend, 3 or 4 hours in the wash, outside when it's pouring rain, or -20 outside, thats work, and at the end of this contract we will only be making 25.67 an hour, you think thats fair, BS it's not. A porter who pushes a broom, makes .25 less than a package drivere makes, 22.3's should be comparable to all the other full time jobs, also we should have a right to goto feeder too, granted package car busts theirs balls, day in day out, they are making big money alot more then 22.3's. Shouldn't all f-t's be close together? Right now top scale for a 22.3 is 21.62. porter, package, feeder are at least right at 30.00 per hour, not fair at all, unacceptable. VOTE NO!!!
  17. 1989

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    Become a driver....It's experience before you goto feeders.
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    OK, I've heard enough of your whining. I started pre-loading in my mid-thirties, mostly for the work-out. I had no balls to bust, I'm a woman, and after 15 years they have not broken me yet. I love my hours, income and benefits.

    Porters make good money because those jobs go to folks who have eaten feces for many years. They deserve the job.

    You complain that things are not fair, in fact, you say that often. Who the heck ever told you that life would be fair?

    Try a factory, a retail store or some other type of non-skilled employment. Look at their wage increases and medical benefits. In fact, work a few of those jobs then come back and let us know how fair life really is.

    I'll tell you just like I tell the whiners at work: Shut up, do your job or go home and sit on the porch.
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    Stop saying its "70 cents" in the first is 35 cents on Aug 1 THEN..another 35 cents in Feb....thats not a 70 cent raise is it?? its a 35 cent raise for 6 months..then for only 6 months we finally get a 70 cent averages out to what a 52 cent raise??? LETS BE HONEST WITH THESE AWFUL NUMBERS...Do they think we are stupid: oh look 35 + 35 = 70 right?? WRONG...35 + 35 is not a FULL 70 cent raise in one year!!
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    Thats what I said in originally in this post.. I guess you skipped over what I said... Actually its less than . 52 cent raise the first year.. Thats based on straight 40 hours and NO over time. With 10 hours a week in overtime it averages out to be .46 cents an hour over the full year..
    1st year .46
    2nd year .48
    3rd year .48
    4th year .52
    5th year .57