Recently Hired, need help!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Derek.crawford, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Derek.crawford

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    I was called on Friday (Oct 28th), and told I'm being offered a pre-load shift, package handler position. Position is from 3am - 9am. I was told to come in at 2:15, on Monday Oct 31st, but didn't remember to ask if it was AM or PM that I should come in for. She said come in at 2:15 for paperwork, and you will be training at 3. Opinions on when I should go in? I've tried calling numbers I have, and sending out emails, but since it is the weekend, I doubt anyone will get back to me. My last resort is I was given a Personal cell phone of an HR at UPS, just hesitant to call.....Idea / Opinions? Any help is greatly appreciated!


  2. UPSGUY72

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    Show up at 2:15 am. They don't train you for the pre-load shift at 3 in the afternoon.
  3. tonyexpress

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    A.M.:wink2: and welcome to the B.C.
  4. nystripe96

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    2am most def
  5. Derek.crawford

    Derek.crawford New Member

    thanks guys will do! I figured they would mean 2:15 am. Ugh thats early :D
  6. Derek.crawford

    Derek.crawford New Member

    Again many thanks guys, you helped me out a lot! I would've been freaking out trying to figure out what to do :D
  7. TheKid

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    "A.M. . . . very A.M."

    Name that movie . . . . .
  8. rocket man

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  9. Random_Facts

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    2:15am, you think it's early now, wait till christmas rolls in. Haha, I'm kidding (to some extent), welcome to the brown cafe, and hope all goes well for you in the UPS world. ^_^.
  10. Derek.crawford

    Derek.crawford New Member

    They ment PM....... :-\
  11. faded jeans

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    Get used to it!
  12. OldSnake63

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    remember we go by military time .... 0215 is early. get some rest grab a breakfast jack on your way in and stick it out !
  13. Derek.crawford

    Derek.crawford New Member

    Im not worried about being up that early, I used to work a 9-5....2100-0500 that is :D Just gotta adjust the day so you wake up at 2. But yea they ment 2:15 PM got an email back today from the HR rep who hired me, saying PM. They guys in the office at the warehouse looked very confused as to why i was there :D
  14. robot

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    Oh man! I thought the subject said "recently FIRED, need help".

    I was hoping for something juicy.
  15. grgrcr88

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    Me too. LOL