"RECTAL EXAM" CHECK,currently available.

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    The optimal check test depends upon your preferences and your risks of developing colon cancer.
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    I let my gerbils look for colon cancer.
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    The big question is why hasn't Indecisi0n posted in this thread yet.
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    He borrowed my gerbils.
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    I had two colonoscopy done. No big deal. The prep is the worst part but the most necessary. Had some polyps removed too.

    If you do get one, make sure your doctor is known for removing a lot of polyps. Some take more time and are more thorough searching for flat polyps and those hidden under the bowel wall.
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    Well i was GOING to eat lunch. Now i dont think so. I thought this was going to be a bad load thread or something along those lines. Got to be more careful what i open around lunch time. Lmao.