Reduced Stop Counts


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In our Center dispatch has been pulled down greatly the last 2 weeks, has this happened in anyone else's center, and why do you think it has

As in less stops per car because more drivers are being put on the road?

They’re trying to change the planned dispatch to 8.6 hours in many areas. They announced it at my building yesterday.


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Not new 25 years in, just mainly come in hear to read. Everyone in my center thinks it's because of the vote, I just wanted to see if he was going on everywhere.
it is, they have been saving for this hiring campaign . Part of this is to not have a xmas like the last two and to show that by controlling everyones income is a sign of massive power.


Sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i dont
The Wheel of Management. Spin it around. Where it stops is the flavor of the week.
I always wanted a wheel with all the problems on it and they spin it and wherever it lands on they fix it instead of bringing in new stuff and letting it bomb.


Sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i dont
Why the hell else would the Company give everybody light days?
Pre xmas break? We are all wondering and they know it. They have saved up for this and will make it back after this quarter. IMO maybe the service has been sucking eggs and they want everyone to use us during the holidays.

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you know what really bothers me at this moment despite the weird light days is why in the world would you use the ORION format to dispatch us? I find myself looking at the list of stops while driving so I don't miss the street or stop. ODO was fine

ORION is UPS leash to drivers. Drivers wants money, UPS needs to know the wherebouts about their investment. Pure and simple. Take it or leave it.