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    Sorry if this is not the place to ask but I need a quick response.

    Quick story: I bought a wrong item online and it was too late to cancel the order. And now I have two options: refuse the package or ship it back prepaid. Unfortunately, I won't be here to refuse it, so can I just leave a piece of paper on my door with my tracking number/info??

    Sorry if this sounds a bit childish and is in the inappropriate place.
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    Yes you can and please do that. It will end up saving everyone alot of headache and time. Have a nice day.

    You can also call the 1800 number and tell them you want to refuse the package, they may have time to get it before the driver ever see it.
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    Great, thanks for such the quick respond.
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    Duran you picked the perfect place to ask the question.
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    Another option is delivery intercept. This is where the shipper either calls the toll free or uses our software to request that the package be stopped before it is put out for delivery and returned to the shipper. There is a $10 charge for this service so it may just be easier to let it run its course, refuse it, and we will send it back. You should keep in mind that you may have to pay a restocking fee, depending on the shipper.
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    generally not if you inform them if they charge you a restock fee you will never shop there again :)

    it takes a dumb company to charge someone a restock fee then expect them to come back lol
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    You have the right to refuse the delivery. If by chance the package is delivered, just don't open it and call UPS to have it picked back up as refused.