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    Good morning,

    I have a quick question or two regarding reg-temping. As you know the season has started and people in my building have been getting pulled off of pre-load to begin reg-temping. The problem with that though.. Is that most of the people being pulled have less seniority than me.

    So my question is that, are they allowed to go reg-temping before me if they have less seniority? Also is this something I can put on a grievance?

    It just doesn't make any sense, if I'm the one next in line for a full-time position it would make more sense to begin training me first.

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    Did you sign the reg temp bid list? Then you need to file a grievance if they're letting junior folks go in front of you because it is supposed to go by seniority as your time reg temping counts toward your pay progression once you go full time. Talk to a shop steward, preferably a driver.
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    Read your contract especially the rider section and see what it says....