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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by RippleX482, Jun 25, 2010.

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    So I thought to come by here just to see what all my fellow former UPSers are talkng about. When I was with UPS I held a few positions got promoted a bunch now I look back with disgust. Im a hard worker have been since im a little kid. I am intelligent, fair, goal orientated, will break my back to help others and do whats right.

    I am sorry to say that UPS was a great disappointment. Without going into details I would like anyone who is considering a management job at UPS to really think about what they want in life. If all you care about is money and are willing to give your life and enjoyment for a few extra dollars then by all means make yourself rich and miserable. If you are a driver and you are thinking or being wooed into a fancy management position. This is all I will tell you and then you can make your own bed and sleep in it.

    I loved my job my drivers were great. They worked hard for me and I worked hard for them. My numbers and performance were stellar at the least. My drivers were happy and I was miserable. The sad part is that I loved my job and I enjoyed what I did every day and I was good at it. But the lifestyle is miserable and the picture they paint is not as pretty once it right there infront of you.

    Also the management people who post message on here are absolutly hysterical I love reading all the crap they spew out. Dont believe the cliches about hard work and challange and opportunity. Yes its all there, but when its all said and done its not worth the hell they will put you through.

    UPS will really suck the life out of you if you actually care about anything. I know management in any business is about making money and keeping things running right. But that is not good enough for UPS. I took a center that was in shambles and made it good with the help of my DRIVERS! Unfortunately most but not all management could really care less about you or your life. What they do care about is your over-allowed hours and that about it. Now not to say that drivers shouldnt perform well but "alot" of reasons why "good" drivers perform poorly is cause management does not hold up their end of the bargain. I fixed and spent hours tracing routs and fixing all my drivers complaints (within reason) Obviously the needs of the business are important but management at UPS only worried about the bottom line and 99% could care less who they have to screw and step on in order to get there. Profit is important but treating people with respect and dignity is also important. Also management will let you belive that once you are "in" you are a "partner." Be careful if you do choose to take a management position your new partners are not your friends.

    Bottom Line:
    FT Union positions are the only jobs that are worth while in my opinion and that is under the assumption that you want to enjoy you life and not be a slave to the company. Management is great if you plan on being unhappy for 30 years and never seeing your wife or kids.

    Unless you need to make alot of money and be a big shot stay where you are and enjoy every day. Drivers have great benefits and can retire very happy with alot of money.
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    I doubt that you will find many drivers, if any, that would dispute anything you said. Now sit back and be prepared to be blasted by all that disagree with you.
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    Nice post!! You obviously have not been hypnotized by the color brown. :hypnosis:Again great post!
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    another disgruntled management person bites the dust.

    good bye, good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the way out.:happy_new_year:
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    One person's heaven is another person's hell.
    Those people who know me here on BC know that one of my favorite sayings is, "Don't listen to what anyone says, look at what they do."
    You had that opportunity to do that and did not correctly understand or judge whether management was right for you. It certainly is not for everyone; for many reasons.
    We all make mistakes in life and it appears that going into management was one of yours.
    Your words form a warning that is good advice and others can learn from them and your experiences.
    Hopefully you can too.
    Hope things work out for you.
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    See this is why I like not love being a TEAMSTER if I'm not feeling it I can just call in sick and it just dosent matter.
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    To each his/her own, as hoaxster said management is not for everyone, obviously you made a wrong decision, i on the other hand made the right decision, drivers will make a good living, live comfortable, and work paycheck to paycheck(most). The big difference is in management there is opportunity, the opportunity to make more money, take different assignments, advancement, and working towards a personal goal. I came out of high school started working for UPS on the preload, then a driver, then into management. 36 years later i have retired, financially me and my family will be taken care of for the rest of our lives, put my children through college, graduate school and i paid for everything (cash), my kids have no student loans, they work even though financially they do not have to because UPS gave me the OPPRTUNITY for success and i took it. Sorry it did not work out for you.
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    I've sadly watched my local management team chase off some super talent over the years. We've lost some of the best people this company as ever seen. Management has proven to eat their own, and smile while doing it. A common "skill" among many in management is BS-ing and lying. Management have proven to be skillful in BS. (and many of my fellow co-workers too) It's a very rare moment to learn someone in management stood up for what's right, and not for whatever the "flavor" of the week campaign that comes down the pipe.

    As far as personal sacrifices, we all have made them to work for this company. Early mornings, Late nights and everything in between. Drivers must make those sacrifices each day too.
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    So true. Look at this guy he was gods gift to management and yet we drove him off for undisclosed reasons. He not only walked on water he did summersalts without getting wet. :happy2:
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    So, let me get this right...

    You took a center in "shambles", then turned "stellar" numbers, had very happy drivers. You got promoted multiple times.

    How did all that happen? Why was the center poor before you and what did you do to improve it? Tell me about the numbers?

    What was your NDPPH improvement? How were your Vital Statistics? Mileage index?

    You must have improved over/under while simultaneously improving ERI? Others thought this was impossible.

    I'm sorry, your story just doesn't add up.... Give me more info.

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    Jealousy rears its ugly head.
  12. pretzel_man

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    Silly statement....

    How did the numbers improve? What did he do different?

    Not jealously, just 34 years of experience.
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    Maybe he is implying that you guys wish you could be like this manager Mr.Right.
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    As a former Machinist Union Mechanic and current Supervisor, the biggest issue I had with the union was that no matter how hard I worked or did'nt work I was always going to get my assignment by the date I started. I have an issue being stuck behind some slackers. I appreciate the fact that as I a Supervisor, I live or die by the job my mechanics do.
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    Seniority doesn't count in management.
  16. pretzel_man

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    I agree. Results do....

    Back to the original poster. By his statements, he got results, got promoted.....
  17. Bubblehead

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    .....hated it. Quit. Doesn't recommend it for people who strive to be happy and clear of conscious.
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    The green light next to the OP's name is still lit up green.
    Maybe he or she will elaborate?
  19. pretzel_man

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    So, did he get results by cheating? Did he strongarm his drivers? No, because he said they were happy? How did he do these wonderful things?

    While you take this at face value because you have a predetermined bias, I would like some more facts.
  20. pretzel_man

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    Sounds fair to me....